COVID-19 Policy Update

UPDATE (14 September 2022): New Zealand’s Covid-19 Protection Framework (“traffic light system”) has now ended.

Wearing masks for your campervan handover is not mandatory, however it is worth considering as it remains a strong defense against the spread of the virus.

We are aware that these changes don’t rule out further disruption as a result of lockdowns and travel restrictions. These are uncertain times, particularly internationally so we remain committed to our Covid-19 policy.

Booking Holidays

We know it’s difficult to plan and book holidays when there’s a potential risk that you may not be able to travel later, due to government advice.

That’s why we’ve introduced risk-free flexible bookings to allow you to make any new holiday booking with confidence.

If you make a booking in any van, we will allow you to change your dates, penalty-free. This applies if there is government advice against travel when the trip should take place, either in your home location or the van location.

This means that you can book your adventure knowing that your money is safe – a kind of ‘free insurance’ – provided by Quirky Campers NZ. This offer alters our standard Terms and Conditions.

How does it work?

Say you book a campervan now for a trip in September 2022 and in the run up to your trip the government announce they will be restricting travel (whether in NZ or your home country). If your plans will be disrupted, you can contact us and we will allow you to move to new dates that suit you, without any penalty or administration fee.

We just ask that any changes are made in good time, and no later than 7 days before your departure date. This is to be fair to our campervan owners.

We’ll accommodate changes to any date within the following 12 months. So in the example above, the trip could be moved to the same dates in September 2023. If the new holiday is of greater value you can top it up, or if it is of lesser value we’ll refund the difference. All we ask is that you take the new trip in the same campervan to allow our owners to plan income and investment. Please note: any special pricing or discount applied to the original booking will not automatically apply to the new booking.

Thank you everyone for your kind support in these challenging times.

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