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Sustainability is at the very heart of Camp Quirky. That’s why our festival is 100% powered by solar and we’re carbon offsetting each journey taken by ticket holders to the event site. 

In our Sustainability Tent, we have put together an inspiring programme exploring ways for you to live more sustainably. These sustainability legends are on hand to show you that being kinder to the planet in and out of the campervan world doesn’t have to be difficult. Instead, it is incredibly rewarding and in most cases, fun! 

Sustainable Gardening

Say hi to Adam from ‘Compost Guy’ and he’s ready to help anyone with composting. He started off as a gardening novice, who literally went gardening nutty and his enthusiasm and passion for gardening have resulted in a keen interest in compost. He hopes his information and tips can help you to make organic homemade compost.

Electric Campervans

Are you ready to fall in love with electric campervans? Quirky Campers has committed to rapidly increasing the number of electric campervans available for hire from our platform. From 4 to 120 in the next 3 years. Join industry experts, Edub Services and We Are EV as they discuss the past, present and future of electric campervans and the ins and outs of planet-positive travel.

The Power Of Carbon Offsetting 

Temwa works with people in hard to reach rural areas of northern Malawi, currently one of the countries that are most affected by climate change. They bring communities together to end poverty and build climate resilience. Led by local people, Temwa empowers them to transform their own futures.

Sustainable Campervan Building

Project Van Rambo is a business that was grown from debt struggles and strife. Vanlife found Sammi (owner and campervan builder at Project Van Rambo) in the winter of 2018. With little money and only her resourcefulness to enable a conversion to take place, sustainable van building was born. Locally sourcing second-hand materials, salvaging items ready for the skip, upcycling and recycling and repurposing items to drive the cost down but feeding into the idea of a low carbon footprint and a sustainably built van was the start of a bubble of ideas to enable future vans to be built without the bad environmental Footprint.


Meet MoV, a nomadic full-time beekeeper/master candle maker who is very passionate about bees and environmental-related subjects. MoV will be discussing natural beekeeping, how to take care of bees, the equipment and the knowledge you need for your first steps into the fascinating journey of becoming a beekeeper.

Building A Tiny House

Nicole and Rob who built their own Tiny House will be taking us through why they decided to build the house, the process of how they did it, the challenges they met along the way and a general Q&A for anyone who is interested in downsizing and living more sustainably.

Planet Positive Travel

Tarja is a Finnish, feminist scholar living in the Arctic and working as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Arctic University of Norway. In her community-based project ”Vanlife Landscapes” she collaborates with vanlifers, (rural) destination developers, tourism stakeholders, local communities and landscapes of the North Highlands of Scotland and the coastal region of Helgeland, Norway, to build bridges and create sustainable futures of mobile lifestyles, tourism and travel. In the workshop, Tarja facilitates the crafting of collective imaginaries of giving back and travelling with a purpose.

Sustainable Cooking

Meet Amie Alissa Watson who has been a make-do and mender all her life. From squishing berries into jam with her grandma using fruits from her country garden to sewing with her mum using fabric remnants. Sustainable life became an absolute necessity at her darkest hour. From this, she chose practical positivity through plant-based food, eco-fashion, meditation, and yoga. She created Slow Circular Earth UK to grow a community and to spark creative solutions to sustainable living. 

Reducing Your Waste 

Returning for the second year in a row, Mary Eisenberg is a small business owner who specialises in handmade, reusable and sustainable products., she spoke last year at CQ. She runs a stall (which will be present at Camp Quirky) and an Etsy shop promoting sustainable cleaning products. In her workshop, she will share tips to make your household products more sustainable and planet-friendly.

There are a limited number of spaces left at Camp Quirky 2023. Don’t miss out – grab your tickets today!

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