High Ceiling Low Mileage LDV Campervan aka "Kevin the Trampervan"


LDV 400 convoy TD LWB

65,500 miles
Detailed Information
Vehicle Description

We are selling our beloved converted Campervan (previously a spacious school minibus): three-seats, double bed, solar panel and electrics for charging laptops, phones, battery packs etc, All car electrics working perfectly. Kitchen and seating area when bed transforms into seating with table, and a small fold-out table if you prefer to keep the bed down if you’re not having company over. The camper van is ideal for anyone wanting a van that has a great, solid engine but doesn’t compromise on space and letting sunlight in.
My partner and I are selling our fantastic little and very much loved motor home because we have moved to the sunny Canary Islands and it looks like we are not coming back! Our friends are currently using it to camp out in the beautiful countryside.

If you don’t know how awesome LDV’s are, just go and read on topspeed website about LDV’s and you’ll fall in love with them like we did. Reliable, spacious, quirky and cool.

Doing about 30/35mpg depending on terrain, this LDV convoy is a bit of a beast. It’s got a 2.5 diesel engine and has recently been fitted with a new starter motor, battery, new brakes, tyres and brake lines. It has never let us down and starts every time. Although it’s registered as 3.5 tonnes, this three-seater van still manages to climb uphill with no trouble.

She has only done 75,000 miles and I’m the fourth owner (the previous owners were a lovely lady who used it for one season before moving to Ibiza, the man who converted it into a camper, and prior to that it belonged to a local school for many years – where it got serviced once every three months). All the fuel, air and oil filters are spotless and the oil is clean & has never once dropped. Radiator fluid is clean and without a smell and I have not seen any leaks underneath the van nor around the engine. The underside of the van was recently sealed for protection, however there is still some welding that needs to be done on the wheel arches. This is an area prone to rust on LDVs but they are purely cosmetic and will not affect MOT etc. It recently passed its MOT end of March 2021. It’ll be okay but I would suggest for cosmetic reasons perhaps you could give it some love and attention.

It’s still got tax (until March 2022) & MOT (passed with no outstanding advisories – Registration number; RX54 WLG). I still have all the receipts and information from the previous owners.

Van is registered with DVLA as a “Campervan”, and met the ‘DVLA’s Internal Features for Motor Caravans’ (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/registering-a-diy-caravan/converting-a-vehicle-into-a-motorhome)

Inside you have the option to convert it to two single beds or a large king bed. There is the option to install a table to create a mini dining area, as well as use the pull-out table for extra kitchen space. There is plenty of storage underneath the seating/bed area, as well as additional storage above the cab.

The van was specially converted using sustainable wood and has been done to a very good standard. The cladding is with pinewood, giving it a really nice Scandic-homely chalet-style feel.

One of my favourite bits is the built in music speakers installed inside the wood panelling on both sides of the wall above the bed area or seating area if you put the bed away for the day, or for a in-van party 😉
There is something magical about listening to carbon based lifeforms, slightly happy while watching the sunset over a field or next to a beautiful magical nature place near you (Amazing places are jsut a stone through away from wherever you are right now).

The campervan is cozy with two people cuddling at night, warm enough for winter weekend trips or with a little bit extra padding on the windows we have camped next to Stone Henge at the beginning of Winter and really enjoyed it. During the day the black painted exterior helps to make the van nice during winter and spring time, and during the “English summer hah” the many windows you can open, as well as the HUGE back doors provide ample fresh air to flow through the van and the doors also can serve for putting up some extra shading at the back for picnic in front of your new castle.

The kitchen is such a dream to cook in. There is a fast working grill & two gas hobs, that run off of the LPG gas bottle, making it feel like you’re cooking at home really. There’s also a large fridge/freezer and also a sink installed, which runs on a hand-pump. There are spotlights installed (which run off the solar panels) so you’re able to cook at any time during the night with ease.

The van’s electrics are hooked up to the 150w solar panel, as well as the possibility to hook it up to the mains when parked at a site. There is plenty of power available to charge your daily electrical items & it was fitted using well-known campervan electrical systems. This van recently got fitted with a brand new sound system (front & back of the van) and has fire extinguishers and various bits and bobs needed to get you out of trouble. There’s also a good range of lights in the van which light up various areas, helping facilitate any mood you’re in.

Due to the standard of the vehicle, there is also great rental potential for a van like this. One could make a good profit off of renting a van like this to Quirky Campers or something similar.

The van is physically located at the moment with my good friend in South London / Croydon area
I’ll pass on contact details to her to arrange viewings. I hope you enjoy the van as much as we did.

Beds Description

Inside you have the option when you put the table away to have the sleeping area as either two single beds or a large king size bed. Kind of like a transformer, you can convert this huge sleeping space into a dining dining area… or when you’re not expecting company stay in the bed and use the pull-out table for extra kitchen space (for the luxury breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed experience). You can still have a guest visit and sit on the other side of the pull-up table with them sitting on the other side on a fold-up chair.

Conversion Description

The van was specially converted using sustainable wood and has been done to a very good standard. The cladding is with pinewood, giving it a really nice Scandic-homely chalet-style feel.
The campervan is warm enough for winter weekend trips or with a little bit extra padding on the windows we have camped next to Stone Henge in the beginning of Winter and really enjoyed it.

Contact Information
Registered Vehicle Type
Motor Caravan - approved
Base Vehicle Condition
Transmission Type
Belted Seats
Vehicle Length
Vehicle Height
Vehicle Width
Converter Type
Self Build - Handcrafted Expert
Converter Condition
Used - Excellent
Maximum Weight (MAM or MTPLM)
Unladen Weight Verified?
NO - the vehicle has not been weighed since completion
Gas sign-off supplied
12v Electrics
USB sockets
leisure battery
Solar Panel
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