How to Convert a Campervan: Hardback Edition


  • 20 chapters from 16 experts + The Quirky Campers Team

  • 300+ pages of tips, how-tos and VANSpiration

  • 6 popular layout options, adapted to suit all

  • Detailed insulation comparison table

  • Gas & electric advice from professional engineers

  • FREE limited edition timeline poster


Ever dreamt of trading in the daily grind for a life on the open road? Well we’re here to make your dreams come true ( just call us your fairy VANmothers!)

Converting your own camper is the perfect way to unleash your creativity and craft something that is perfect for you; built to meet your needs, with your style and utilising all your best ideas. But designing and building a campervan can be overwhelming. When five blogs advise five different approaches, where do you turn? That’s why we’ve gone directly to the experts; bringing you gas system information from a gas engineer, vehicle advice from a mechanic and upholstery tips from a trimmer.

Whether you’re looking to become a full-time vanlifer, weekend warrior, or you are building to rent; dive in and get everything you need to kickstart your journey.

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297mm x 210mm







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