Alter Workshop

Date Established
Price Range
£1,000 to £30,000
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Availability from Summer 2022


Alter Workshop is a design & build studio specialising in campervan conversions and sustainable alternative living.

Officially Alter Workshop is just me, Freddy, though thankfully I have a handful of very skilled collaborators to call upon through the conversion process! My background is in sustainable architecture and I love to create small-scale alternative living spaces that are both functionally and aesthetically beautiful. I love designing just as much as I love building, and will work with you to design a camper that meets your needs, from a day-van to a tiny home on wheels. My aim is to work with you as much as possible at the early stages of the design process -working together to set the right brief to make your space a reality.

My goal is to make the conversion process as sustainable as possible, this means an emphasis on natural materials, avoiding options with a high embodied energy, such as plastics, and always aiming to use reclaimed materials. It also means creating a healthy internal environment, essential in small space living, by using non-toxic and low VOC materials and products such as wood finishes, paints and adhesives. Using reclaimed materials is also more fun! It means there are no off the shelf products and you have a build which is truly one of a kind.

Whether your looking for a full conversion or just a few adjustments, if you’ve got a project in mind please get in touch… I would love to hear about your next adventure!


“Absolutely loving it… you somehow managed to create the exact van I had in my mind right from the start, thanks so much!”

–  Juliette


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Conversion Services
Conversion Basics
Poptop roof
Additional belted seats
12v Electrics
USB Sockets
Leisure Battery
Split Charge Relay
Solar Panel(s)
240v Electrics
240v Mains Charger
240v Sign off
Gas Installation
Gas work
LPG tank (underslung)
Gas Appliances
Gas Safe Certificate
Landlords Gas Safe Certificate
Heating Installation
Diesel – eg refleks
Diesel - Air blower
Gas - Air blower
Other heating types
Soft Furnishings
Carpet Lining
Cushion covers
Auto upholstery (seats)
Designed for Hire
Landlords Gas Safe Certificate
Guaranteed Appropriate Payload
240v Electrical Sign off
DVLA Motor Caravan Registration
Other Services
Virtual 3D design
Respray - Single colour