We believe good business means looking after our planet so sustainability is an important focus at Camp Quirky.

Powered by the sun

It takes a lot of energy to power a festival – and thankfully our sun has a lot to share! We work with Soundscape Solar Stage and Resource Living to get all our electricity using their amazing solar power systems.

Bring your own cups/plates/cutlery

One of the best ways we can all be kinder to the planet is by reducing the waste we create. For that reason we encourage everyone to bring their own plates, cups, utensils etc. Our amazing food sellers will be more than happy to serve their delicious meals on your plates.

No single-use plastic

For those situations where you can’t or have forgotten to bring your own reusable cups/plates, we do have options! But you won’t find any single-use plastic here.

Reusable bar cups

At the bar, you pay a deposit to get one of our Camp Quirky pint (or half pint) cups that you can re-use for the whole festival. At the end of the festival, return it to us for your deposit back – we’ll make sure it gets re-used next year – or keep hold of it for drinks in your campervan!

Compostable plates & cutlery

Our food vendors have done away with plastic or paper that gets recycled or thrown away. Instead, they have compostable plates and cutlery for you to use.

Straw straws

You won’t find a plastic straw at Camp Quirky! Bring your own metal or glass one or use one of our straw straws – yes, they’re made of hay!

Reusable water bottles

We don’t sell single-use water bottles on site. Instead, bring your own and use the numerous fresh water points around the site.


The above methods help us reduce and reuse as much as we can (they should always be the first steps) and for everything else, we recycle! Around the site, we have loads of well-marked bins so you know exactly where you should be putting your recycling. We ask that you make sure you recycle everything that can be.

Working with Festival Vision: 2025

We are proud to have joined Powerful Thinking’s Festival Vision: 2025 to help create a sustainable festival industry. There are changes – both big and small – that we can all make to help make festivals environmentally responsible.

Offset your Carbon

In 2019, our Camp Quirky festival-goers offset over 13 tonnes of carbon by donating Β£662! We matched this Β£ for Β£ and will be doing the same in 2022.