Visiting family in a campervan this Christmas

Protect your Nan, hire a campervan!

by naomi fiddes-baron

There is no denying that Christmas 2020 is likely to be different this year. 2020 has been full of new experiences for everyone. And if there’s one thing that we have all learnt, it is how to forge and sustain strong connections with our neighbours, our friends, strangers, the community and our family.

From clapping on the streets to rainbows and a new found love for video calls, the ways we have found to connect this year have been innovative and wonderful. So, as we approach Christmas, it’s time to think about how we can be just as innovative so we can spend time with loved ones in this Covid-present Christmas.

Current Lockdown Travel Restrictions

From 2nd December the tiered systems were reintroduced in England with much of the country under stricter restrictions. There were also special arrangements announced across the UK for the Christmas period – 22-27 December where 3 linked Christmas households can enjoy Christmas together.

You should always check the government website for the latest rules and advice. Here is Quirky Campers’ Covid-19 policy update where you will find information about if your travel plans get cancelled as a result of the pandemic.

Where you are not able to, or in fact would prefer not to stay in someone’s home over the festive period, what other options are open to you?

Campervan Covid Christmas

Being mindful over the possibility of changing rules around local or extended travel; a campervan Christmas might be a good option for you.  What does staying in a campervan offer you?

  • A totally self-contained space for you and whoever you’re sharing the campervan with;
  • The knowledge that you’re in control of maintaining that living space; who would have thought it would be comforting to be in control of your own cleaning!
  • The ability to park up on someone’s driveway and not need to stay in their house overnight;
  • Being able to drive a little further afield and having somewhere to stay.

If being on someone’s driveway is as close as you can get this year, that doesn’t mean that a driveway park up isn’t going to be an awesome adventure! 

A campervan is a brilliant way of adding a temporary spare room to a home and avoids you having to blow up an air bed in the middle of the living room floor!  In fact, some of the beds in our campervans are super king-sized! You might actually be upgrading from your main one!

 Christmas Dinner in a Campervan

Being in a campervan also means that you can contribute to the cooking!  Lots of the campers available to hire out have kitchens fully equipped with ovens, grills as well as gas hob.  So, you can help out by putting the sprouts on whilst your family piles their oven high with roast potatoes!

Having all that space to yourself also means that whilst hiring a campervan for Christmas has enabled you to be sociable; you still have the luxury of your own little bit of festive paradise to retreat to when you want to cocoon yourself away for a bit.

Being in a campervan at Christmas absolutely doesn’t mean you will have to give up your dream of a crackling fire with mulled wine.  Lots of the campervans on hire with the Quirky fleet have log burners. They are also a super cosy, romantic and snuggly way to keep warm.

Are you looking for a flexible way to keep in touch and meet up with friends and family this Christmas? Hiring a campervan might be the best way to go.  It’s cost effective too, as our prices are Low/Mid-season over Christmas and New Year.  If you have been affected by job losses or furlough, this might be a great solution to an otherwise costly hotel and travel expenditure.