Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions. This information applies to all the campervans listed with us for hire.

Do you do one-way hires? (pick up in one location and drop off in another)

We don’t tend to do one-way hires as all our vans are privately owned and one-of-a-kind… so they need to get home after each trip. It is possible – if the van owner is up for it – but we then need to add a significant charge to relocate the van which covers the owners’ flight, fuel, road user charges, ferry, time etc! For shorter trips, it just isn’t cost-effective for a customer, but for longer trips it can make sense and has been done many times! Here are some rough-guide examples for what the additional fee for a one-way hire might be (and yes, we know it’s a little eye-watering but there’s no mark-up… it’s what it actually costs to relocate a van!)

  • Auckland – Queenstown (or vice-versa): approx. $1800 NZD
  • Auckland – Christchurch (or vice-versa): approx. $1500 NZD
  • Auckland – Nelson (or vice-versa): approx. $1200 NZD
  • Auckland – Wellington (or vice-versa): approx. $700 NZD
  • Christchurch – Queenstown (or vice-versa): approx. $700 NZD
  • Nelson – Christchurch (or vice-versa): approx. $500 NZD

Drop us a line to if you need any more info or would like an exact quote 🙂

The other alternative we suggest is doing a North Island loop in one Quirky van (say Akld – Akld) and then fly down and do a South Island loop (say, Chch – Chch). That way you also get to experience two different campervans. And the cost of flights for 2 can be less than the ferry! 

How much does it cost to hire a campervan?

Prices vary by campervan, booking length and season. Click the ‘BOOK NOW’ button to get an instant quote for your preferred dates and campervan. The price displayed is the daily rate (in NZD) for today, which may vary from the daily rate you are quoted because your preferred dates may be in a different season to today. Seasons are split into four categories; Low, Low-Mid, Mid and High. The season calendar defines which dates fall into which season.

We occasionally have special offers, which are available to those on our mailing list and our Facebook page.

Is there a minimum booking length?

Our minimum booking length is 4 days in the Low, Low-Mid and Mid seasons and 7 days in the High season. You can enquire about making a shorter booking but we can’t make any guarantees… get in touch at

Do you offer discounts for longer hires?

We have built in discounts which automatically reflect in our website prices as follows:

  • For trips of 14 – 20 days: 5% off
  • For trips of 21 – 27 days: 10% off
  • For trips of 28 days or more: 15% off

What is included in the price?

The booking price includes everything you will need to just pick it up and drive off. Bedding and towels are listed as Extras (no additional charge for bookings made on or after 6 March 2023) as some people like to bring their own – and we prefer this if you are bringing pets. The booking price includes insurance, breakdown cover, kitchen equipment, gas (if applicable), booking fees and much more. See the individual campervan pages for exact details of what else is included. There are also optional ‘Extras’ that can be added on such as bike racks, awnings, snow chains and BBQs.

Note: we also do not charge extra for additional drivers or pets (in pet-friendly campervans). Only humans can drive though 😀 

What is not included in the price?

Road User Charges” (RUCs) – for diesel vehicles only – which are charged for all kilometres travelled multiplied by the rate set by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) – now $0.08 NZD/km (since 1 July 2023) – i.e. a round trip of 1000km will attract a charge of $80 which will be charged immediately after the trip.

On bookings made after 26 February 2024, a security deposit of $750 NZD is also required. This is simply a hold on funds (48 hours before the trip) on the card used to pay for the deposit/rental cost. The transaction shows as pending for the duration of the trip and is released on return of the van (assuming no damage).

If the card you are paying with is registered to an address outside of NZ you will also be charged a separate international transaction fee of 3% by our payment gateway (Stripe). If you would like to pay the balance of your trip directly to us, to avoid the 3% charge, you can do so using the following details. Note: please let us know when you have sent a payment at and do not add/include the $750 NZD security deposit.


  • Account Name: Quirky Campers NZ
  • Business Address: 67 Paturoa Road, Titirangi, Auckland 0604, NZ
  • Full Account Number/IBAN: 0201080478102000 (you may need to remove the last 0)
  • Clearing Code: NZ020108
  • BSB Number: 020108
  • Account Number: 0478102

What are the Extras?

These are things you don’t necessarily need… but may want! They are campervan-specific – availability and cost will vary. Examples are: bike rack, outdoor furniture, awning tent, stand-up paddleboard. If there is anything else that you’d like, please just ask and we will see what we can do.

Is insurance included?

Yes! All our campervans come with specialist comprehensive campervan insurance and roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown. The standard excess/deductible (maximum you pay in the event of damage) on bookings made after 26 February 2024 is $1500 NZD – per damage event, regardless of who is at fault – but may be higher based on the answers to our driver suitability questions. If this sounds a little scary, it’s well worth investigating a your general travel insurance policy or using a specific provider offering “excess reduction” (like Note: our vehicle insurance does not cover the personal belongings of the hirer – these should be covered by your own travel insurance.

Breakdown cover is also included – details will be shared with you when you collect the van.

Who does the insurance cover?

All named drivers over 21 years old who are legally allowed to drive in New Zealand (not disqualified) and have held a full licence for a minimum of 1 year. We will also ask a number of Yes/No questions at the point of booking about licence type, previous driving offences, previous insurance claims and any medical conditions that may affect driving. If you answer yes to any of these it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t hire a van, it just means we need to check with our insurer about any additional conditions/restrictions that may apply. 

What documents do I need to bring when I collect?

Each Driver needs the following:

  • Driving licence (in English)
  • Passport/proof of ID – if not resident in NZ
  • Proof of address – see below for details

Proof of Address – Drivers must be able to show a proof of address from the last 90 days – digital/online versions are fine. Examples of documents include:

  • Electricity/gas bill/statement
  • Water bill/statement
  • Broadband/landline bill/statement
  • Council rates bill/statement
  • Satellite/cable/streaming TV service bill
  • Bank or credit statement
  • Mortgage/rent statement

What if I crash or damage something?

The driver will be liable for the insurance excess/deductible in the event of any damage… regardless of who is at fault. Anything beyond that is covered by the insurance where a claim can be made. The driver is responsible for getting the contact details of any third parties involved.

Obviously we hope you will take care of these beautiful campervans. Minor damage or breakages are likely to be overlooked but please do let us know! We reserve the right to charge you for damage to the interior or exterior, fixtures and fittings.

The insurance excess/deductible (on bookings made after 26 February 2024) varies from $1500 to $3000 – per damage event – dependent on the drivers being insured (most will be $1500). The excess amount will be confirmed at the point of booking once the driver suitability questions have been answered. The driver will be liable for part or all of the value of the excess in the event of the vehicle being damaged and or a claim being made.

In the event that no driver was operating the vehicle when the damage occurred the first driver will be named as responsible for the vehicle at that time.

What about windscreen chips/cracks?

The only exception to our fleet insurance policy is glass… chipped or cracked windscreens. So, we have the following policy in place:

  • If the van suffers a windscreen chip that can be (and is) filled while on its trip – Quirky will cover the costs (generally around $100)
  • If the van has a windscreen crack that means it needs to be replaced (whether during or after the trip) – the costs are split three ways equally; a third each to you (the hirer), van owner and Quirky (approx. $250 – $800 each depending on the vehicle)
  • If we are notified by the GPS tracker that the vehicle has been driven on a listed (forbidden) unsealed road then all bets are off and you pay for any windscreen damage regardless of when or where it happened.

The idea with this approach is to encourage you to act promptly and address a chip – with no cost to you – before it could become a crack and need a windscreen replacement which you would then need to contribute to. And in the case of a replacement, it shares the costs across all parties which seems fair to us.

What happens if the van breaks down?

All our campervans have breakdown cover including roadside assistance and recovery. It is rare but mechanical issues do happen from time to time. Our primary aim is to get you back on the road as soon as possible but if the vehicle issue is more serious then it may need to be towed. Depending where in the country you are, this could be to a local mechanic or one at the home location of the van. Again, our aim is to minimise disruption to your trip so if a local mechanic can fix the issue within a day or so, we’ll arrange overnight accommodation until you can be reunited with the van. However, if the issue is a showstopper, we will try to arrange an alternative van and if that isn’t possible, you will be returned to the normal pick-up location for that vehicle or another convenient location for you. You will, of course, have any remaining nights refunded and be compensated for the disruption and reasonable out-of-pocket expenses.

What happens if I need to cancel my booking?

Our terms and conditions state that the deposit (20% of the booking value) is non-refundable regardless of when you cancel. And if you cancel after the remaining balance is paid (4 weeks before your trip) that too is also non-refundable. That’s the strict version. In practice, we do our best to be decent people and offer credit for the deposit (and balance if already paid) if you’re unable to just reschedule to new dates (assuming your trip will still happen at some point). And if it’s unlikely that you will make it to NZ and/or won’t be able to take the trip at a later date, we will endeavour to replace the cancelled booking with another customer – and refund you if we do so, minus any adminstration costs.

Can I take it to a festival?

This shouldn’t be a problem but just double check the specific van details. Remember, you will need to bring the campervan back in the condition you found it!

How many people can travel?

It depends on the campervan. See ‘The Vehicle’ section on the individual campervan page for a description of the seating arrangement for travelling. Each van will also be “self-contained” for a specific number of people so you can freedom camp without breaking the rules.

What are the standard pick-up and drop-off times?

Since 6 March 2023, we work on a daily rate where default pick-up time is 9am and the default drop-off time is 5pm. You can request other times to suit your plans and van owners will do their best to accommodate you. Note: the owner will reach out to you close to your trip start/end to agree specific times and locations as application.

Additional note: For bookings made prior to 6 March 2023 – nightly rates with available Extras for early pick-up and late drop-off – then existing arrangements still apply.

How do I get to the van location for pick-up?

As our campervans are all privately-owned, you’re generally picking up from their home address. The distance and travel time by car from the most common start points (airport and city centre) are outlined by vehicle on our website. We recommend hopping in a taxi/Uber and you can roughly budget on $2-3 NZD per km.

Can you deliver the van to me?

Some campervan owners may provide a delivery service. It will either be listed as an Extra or the owner will quote a price on request to cover their transport costs and time. A rough estimate would be about $3-4 NZD per km from the home location of the van… which is generally the same price as a taxi/Uber so it’s often easier just to do that!

Can I bring my dog/cat/lizard?

Many of our campers are pet-friendly but this is campervan specific so check the van page before you book – you can use the filters. Where pets are accepted it is always as long as they don’t go on the seats or bed and if the campervan is brought back covered in dog hair you will be charge for cleaning (see cleaning).

Can I fit a child seat?

Most of the campervans have passenger seats suitable for child car seats or boosters but please reach out to us on to confirm. Please note: many of our vans are two berth vehicles and a child is counted as a person for freedom camping… so unless the trip is one adult and one child (or the van has been certified self-contained for 3 people) you won’t be able to “freedom camp”. Please get in touch if you have specific requirements.

Are your vans self-contained? Haven’t the rules changed recently?

Yes and yes! New rules did come into effect on 6 June 2023 which state that all NEW self-containment certification must include a “fixed toilet” and they will get a green sticker. However, all vans certified self-contained under the previous regime (i.e. all Quirky vans which have the blue sticker) are still able to “freedom camp” (in designated areas) without the risk of a fine for until 7 December 2024. If part or all of your trip is after 7 December 2024 don’t panic! They are HEAPS of places to stay in a van that is self-contained but doesn’t carry the green sticker associated with the new rules. More information on this coming very soon.

Do your vans have an electrical hook-up?

Many of our campervans have electric hook-up – please check individual campervan pages. A hook up means there is a 230v sockets available in the vehicle and a lead to plug in to campsite electrical point. The socket can be used to power mains voltage appliances such as laptop charge or hairdryer.

Do I need to bring bedding and towels?

Yes, unless you decide to add them it as an Extra. While there is no additional charge for bedding and towels we ask you to opt in for them to avoid unneccesary laundry if they are provided but not used. We also ask that you bring your own bedding if you are bring a pet on the trip… and a blanket for seats etc.

Is there a toilet or shower?

All our vans are self-contained so will have a toilet of some kind. Please check the individual camper pages – some come with built-in shower/toilet cubicles and others can have portable toilets or outdoor showers included or to be added as an Extra.

Is there a mileage limit?

No! Bookings include unlimited kilometres.

Please bear in mind the age, size and cruising speed of the vehicle when planning your journey. Some older and/or larger vehicles travel much more slowly than what you might be used to.

Are there any places I’m not allowed to drive?

You are not limited to driving on the Island that you pick up the van – so you can take your van on the ferry between Islands to explore the whole country.

Our campervans should only be driven on sealed roads… with the only exception to this being well-maintained access roads of less than 10km to a campground or tourist attraction.

Permission must be sought should you wish to travel on an unsealed road that is greater than 10km – the decision will be based on the time of year, weather conditions and length of unsealed road. Please contact as needed.

The following unsealed roads are forbidden: 90 Mile Beach (Northland), Bluff Road and North of Colville Township (Coromandel Peninsula), SH38 Te Urewera Rainforest Route (Bay of Plenty/Hawkes Bay), SH43 Forgotten World Highway (King Country/Taranaki), Cobb Dam Road (Kahurangi National Park), Ball Hut Road (Mount Cook), Mount Aspiring Road (nr. Wanaka), Glenorchy to Paradise and Skippers Canyon (nr. Queenstown). Note: if a van drives on one of these roads a fee of $250 will apply for each occasion that is identified plus the cost of any damage. These charges also apply if the van has been driven on non-forbidden unsealed roads greater than 10km where no permission was sought.

Is there a fuel charge?

No. You pick up the campervan with a full tank and bring it back the same way. If for any reason you were not able to use a nearby fuel station, the owners will fill it up for you and you will be charged for the actual fuel price and a small charge for their time. Do please let us know if this has happened so we don’t inadvertently give it to the next customer with a partially empty fuel tank.

Note: For diesel vehicles, “Road User Charges” (RUCs) will apply and be charged for all kilometers travelled multiplied by the rate set by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) – currently $0.08/km i.e. a round trip of 1000km will attract a charge of $80 NZD – which will be charged immediately after the trip.

What happens if I return late?

Firstly, please let the owners know ASAP. We reserve the right to charge you for late return at up to $50 NZD per hour but would always try to avoid this. Communication and respect are key in these situations!

Do I need to clean the campervan after use?

We ask that you bring the campervan back clean – as you found it – with grey/black water tanks emptied and free from rubbish… a cleaning fee of $150 NZD will be applied if not. Don’t worry about laundering the bedding or washing the outside of the vehicle. We reserve the right to charge you if deep/professional cleaning is required e.g. to remove make-up on pillow covers or spills on upholstery or in/on cabinetry etc.

What should I pack?

Most of our campers have plenty of storage space but it pays to use soft bags (rather than hard cases) and travel as light as possible. Kitchen equipment is included as well as pantry basics and a few little extras. Each van has a detailed list of what it includes as standard so have a peek at those.

You say you’re ethical. How?

Quirky Campers takes its social responsibility very seriously. We promote holidaying locally, use ecological cleaning products, encourage you to offset the CO2 of your trip and wherever possible we try to be really nice. Have a look at our about us page for more details.

Why do the dates I want not work?

The most likely reason for this is that all our vans are booked for those dates already (this will be shown on the availability calendar). If you want to be added to our priority list so you’re notified about cancellations or newly listed vans, please email us at

I own a campervan…interested??

Yes please! If you have seen or own a beautiful handmade campervan then we’d be very interested in hearing from you. We’ve had customers enquire from far and wide so whether you’re in Whangarei or Invercargill do get in touch. We’ll send you our owner FAQs and handhold you through the process. See this page for more info.

If you don’t yet own a campervan but are thinking about doing a conversion, we highly recommend hiring one first to find out what will work for you.

Do I need to read all the FAQs?

Only the ones you don’t know the answer to.