Ever dreamt of owning your own camper van conversion but don’t have the time/skills?

Since the beginning people have been asking us to help them create their own beautifully handcrafted campervan conversions. We don’t do conversion ourselves but we know lots of great people who do. Below you will find the contact details some of the best converters out there.

Take a careful look through their details and then contact a select few to get quotes for your project.

Choosing a Quirky Campers verified converter for your van conversion will mean that we will know your van will be beautiful and will have all the t’s crossed and i’s dotted. And that’s what we like – road-safe and beautifully created. We’d be more than happy to list your new pride and joy on our website as a Quirky Camper.

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Creative Campers
Tauranga, Bay of Plenty
We are a small Camper van conversion business operating out of the gorgeous Mt Maunganui (2.5hours south of Auckland). We enjoy sitting down designing custom interiors for people concentrating on simplicity and usability. We can convert your personal van or help with finding and purchasing your next adventure partner. At Creative Campers we just help people however we can. It could be g […]
Yes - approved by Quirky Campers
Vapartment.kiwi provides a high quality kitset fit out for Toyota commuters and Ford Transits The  kitset is a big jigsaw puzzle that takes several days to assemble, supplied with full instructions including electrics and plumbing. All can be done over several days using a battery drill, pliers and screwdriver. It's produced in 18 mm marine ply either gaboon or meranti  or regular whi […]
Not yet approved by Quirky Campers
Wellington, Wellington
BEDVANZ : LIVE THE #VANLIFE We convert, sell and rent reliable, cosy campervans. Based in Wellington we offer everything vanlife related from SELF CONTAINMENT testing to full conversions (we also do all 12v electrical work) Free consultations and a friendly, affordable service.
Yes - approved by Quirky Campers
VanLab are NZs leading Flat-Pack Campervan Conversion Kit company. We provide a range of flatpack kits, which allow you to build out your campervan for 19 of New Zealand's most popular vans. Think Ikea-style furniture for your campervan conversion! We also provide components and kit-sets for plumbing, wiring, upholstery, self-containment and leisure batteries! All of our kit sets are de […]
Yes - approved by Quirky Campers
Upper Harbour, Auckland
VANLIFER Campervans is a boutique campervan conversion company based out of Auckland, New Zealand. We can design and create custom camper van conversions or can work with you to help you with your plans and build. With experience building basic vans to meet New Zealand's self containment standards or fully kitted conversions for full time van life we are your local experts. We can buil […]
Not yet approved by Quirky Campers
Not your normal neighbours
We build, we build a lot. We make homes, furniture, vans, treehouses any sort of dwelling. A curious bunch of makers, we take life in the beautiful lane, be surrounded by it let it make you feel at home. A home on wheels is a life with options. We work with people excited about life and work towards making epic things happen.
Not yet approved by Quirky Campers
Cruzar Custom Campervans
Hi everyone, my name is Brenda and my partner Andy and I build affordable Cruzar Custom Campervans. We have had a lot of fun over the past two years designing and improving on our vans. We have meet lots of people who we still keep in touch with, they have all loved their journeys in New Zealand and we have been fortunate enough be part of their adventures. We have a group page on Faceb […]
Yes - approved by Quirky Campers
Campervan Craftsman
Takaka, Golden Bay, Tasman
Kia ora! We're a small, passionate and creative team specialising in unique builds for campervans and tiny spaces. All of our builds are hand crafted with a great deal of care and attention to detail, using natural timbers where possible. Typically, we convert empty panel vans into beautiful bespoke campervans, but we’re open to working on larger projects such as buses, and tiny homes […]
Yes - approved by Quirky Campers

Campervan Converters

If you would like to add your business to Quirky Campers Converter Directory just click here: Create Business Listing.

Listings will appear above once reviewed. If your listing doesn’t appear within 48 hours please contact campervans@quirkycampers.co.nz

Whilst we are trialing this service it will be free to list. We will review this in March 2021.

Approved Converter? To be marked as an approved converter you need to confirm – preferably with evidence of a previously coverted van – that your conversions are designed and built to meet the standards required to obtain the following certifications (as relevant to the types of work you offer) e.g.

  • Gas Safety Certificate (GSC)
  • Warrant of Electrical Fitness (WoEF)
  • Certificate of Fitness (CoF)
  • Certified Self-Contained (CSC)
  • Low Volume Vehicle (LVV) – required for significant changes to the original vehicle

You can email evidence to campervans@quirkycampers.co.nz with your documents