Businesses selling spesialist parts or products for campervan converters and self-builders.

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Upper Harbour, Auckland
VANLIFER Campervans is a boutique campervan conversion company based out of Auckland, New Zealand. We can design and create custom camper van conversions or can work with you to help you with your plans and build. With experience building basic vans to meet New Zealand's self containment standards or fully kitted conversions for full time van life we are your local experts. We can buil […]
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Not your normal neighbours
We build, we build a lot. We make homes, furniture, vans, treehouses any sort of dwelling. A curious bunch of makers, we take life in the beautiful lane, be surrounded by it let it make you feel at home. A home on wheels is a life with options. We work with people excited about life and work towards making epic things happen.
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Flat Bush, Auckland
VanLab are NZs leading Flat-Pack Campervan Conversion Kit company. We provide a range of flatpack kits, which allow you to build out your campervan for 19 of New Zealand's most popular vans. Think Ikea-style furniture for your campervan conversion! We also provide components and kit-sets for plumbing, wiring, upholstery, self-containment and leisure batteries! All of our kit sets are de […]
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Campervan Converters

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Approved Converter? To be marked as an approved converter you need to confirm – preferably with evidence of a previously coverted van – that your conversions are designed and built to meet the standards required to obtain the following certifications (as relevant to the types of work you offer) e.g.

  • Gas Safety Certificate (GSC)
  • Warrant of Electrical Fitness (WoEF)
  • Certificate of Fitness (CoF)
  • Certified Self-Contained (CSC)
  • Low Volume Vehicle (LVV) – required for significant changes to the original vehicle

You can email evidence to with your documents