Want to rent out your campervan?

Quirky Campers is the natural home for the beautiful and the creative. We are building a collection of stunning campervans to make available to hire having launched back in October 2019.

So if you have a handcrafted campervan or want to create one, and are interested in having it pay for itself, please sign up below and we will help you through the process.

No doubt you’ll have loads questions like how does insurance work? How many bookings will I get? What are the requirements? Just click on the link below, fill in your details and we will get in touch with answers.

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How does renting out your campervan work?

Through our community of self builders, professional converters, owners and campervan enthusiasts; Quirky Campers is the home of handcrafted campervans. For the rental side we run the website, actively market your campervan, respond to customer enquiries and get you bookings. We are here to help get your listing live on the website and will be available to answer your questions throughout the process. For this we take 18% (inc. GST) of any bookings we generate for you – based on the total rental paid by the customer (after a deduction for insurance) . We work with you to set a price that reflects the features and location of your van and you decide whether to allow pets, travel to festivals, and what days you can do handovers etc. We will make recommendation based on our years of experience and check through all the details of your listing before we launch you.

Why rent out your campervan with Quirky Campers?

1.       You’ll be in good company. Factory-fitted RVs have their place but we celebrate the individuality of hand-crafted campervans – and their owners! – working hard to connect you with guests that are as passionate about your Quirky Camper as we are.

2.       There’ll be less competition. Our goal is to have Quirky Campers all over New Zealand but we’ll be careful not to have too many in one place so that bookings for your Quirky Camper aren’t compromised.

3.       We appeal to a special kind of guest. People that want to rent a Quirky Camper appreciate the creativity and energy put into a unique conversion and want to experience something a little different. This can mean a greater financial return for our owners and more care of your pride and joy.

4.       Quirky Campers pop up in all sorts of places. Not content with just travelling our beautiful backyard, Quirky Campers love an event! With their character and charm, they have appeal for weddings, honeymoons, festivals and other occasions… and this is where people will come to find the perfect van.

5.       Still building? We have lots of inspirational Quirky Campers you can check out and a bunch of resources to help you finish your camper – and make it quirky!

6.       The care factor. We’re a small business with a big heart. We delight in getting to know our campervan owners and sharing their stories. We have high standards to ensure your camper is picture perfect and safe for guests. And we give 10% of our profits to charity.

What we're looking for

A Quirky Camper is a difficult thing to define, but if you feel at home on this website then there’s a good chance you’ll fit right in. The best way to find out if you could rent out your campervan through Quirky Campers, is to send some snaps to campervansnz@quirkycampers.com but here are some hints…

Things we love:

  • Craftsmanship
  • Safe and legal vehicles inside and out
  • “One of a kind”
  • Beautiful upholstery
  • Conversions with a coherent style

Things we don’t love:

  • Slapdash and shonky work
  • Bald tyres and loose gas pipes
  • “One of a million”
  • A blanket thrown over some bare foam

If you’re looking for advice, guidance and inspiration, we have:

Sign up here to get links to all these resources.

From our owners...

“Being part of the Quirky Campers family is a super easy and supportive way to rent out our campervan. Leanne and Dan are really helpful, hard-working, and generous with their time. Their communication is amazing, and they are always willing to give up their time to help us out! We’ve also heard nothing but great comments from customers about Quirky when they meet us, meaning they’re already in a good mindset before they go away on their trip! We are so glad to have chosen Quirky as our rental service, and we look forward to a more successful business with them in the future!”

Caleb & Lanelle, owners of Bertie


What to do if you’re interested

If you think your campervan has got what it takes or would like to know more about how to rent out your campervan, get in touch using the form at the top of this page and we’ll be happy to talk it through and answer any questions.

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