Virtual Workshop (Recording) – Planning Your Campervan Conversion


Leanne and Dan are the owners of Quirky Campers New Zealand. With experience in converting their own vans (Ivan and Barbara) and upgrading others, they’ve learnt a few things about planning a campervan conversion… and how to avoid later regrets! While Quirky Campers only landed in New Zealand in October 2019, it’s been going in the UK since 2010. Collectively, Quirky Campers has helped hundreds (maybe thousands!) of people through the conversion process, worked with many professional converters and seen A LOT of converted vans!

In this workshop they will walk you through a simple process for defining the campervan you want. They will provide you ideas, trade-offs and costs of various layout, material and equipment options and help you put together the all important plan! Creating a clear vision of what features your van will have and how it will feel are important whatever path you choose to owning your van…

  • If you plan to buy a pre-converted van this will help you define your requirements and narrow down your search!
  • If you are converting your own van it will set you on the right track in preparation for creating detailed layout diagrams and starting the build process
  • If you are commissioning a professional conversion you will be able to clearly articulate your needs and more easily select a converter who can help you achieve them.


You are purchasing access to the video and audio recordings of this workshop as well as an accompanying “Conversion Calculator” where you can work out the rough cost of a campervan converted to specifications.

Feedback: “I just wanted to thank you guys so very much. I’ve been ‘researching’ for two years until I finally was able to buy a truck a couple of months ago. My mind was boggled and you guys have really helped so much. I appreciate the variety you catered for (basically poor to rich) and your really down to earth approach. I am now way more clear about the direction in which to head. Thank you… you guys rock!” – Deb, October 2020

Quirky Campers New Zealand is the new home of handmade campervans. With the recent surge in popularity of custom-built campervans, New Zealanders are coming to us as a source of inspiration and information on all things self-build so we are launching a series of virtual workshops – this being the second – to give aspiring van owners the confidence to make their dream a reality.