Virtual Workshop (Recording) – Choosing a Base Vehicle


With the recent surge in popularity of hand-crafted campervans, New Zealanders are coming to us as a source of inspiration and information so we’ve been running a series of virtual workshops to give aspiring van owners the confidence to make their dream a reality.

This one is all about choosing, finding and maintaining your base vehicle. We’ll cover:

  • Pros and cons of the most common vans used for campervan conversions
  • Vehicle weight – what the different terms mean and what to watch out for
  • Due diligience when buying a vehicle
  • Best places to find vehicles
  • Basic maintenance you can do yourself


You are getting access to the video recording of this workshop as well the presentation slides and handout. Warning! We had hoped to be joined by our trusty mechanic for the workshop so he could answer any questions as part of the session. In his absence we took down questions we couldn’t answer and provided answers to them in the handout.

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