Virtual Workshop (FREE Recording) – How to Own a Campervan


Leanne and Dan are the owners of Quirky Campers New Zealand. With experience in buying ready-converted vans and converting their own vans (Ivan and Barbara) they’ve learnt the dos and don’ts, and are keen to help you avoid the pitfalls! While Quirky Campers only landed in New Zealand in October 2019, it’s been going in the UK since 2010. Collectively, Quirky Campers has helped hundreds (maybe thousands!) of people through the conversion process, worked with many professional converters and seen A LOT of converted vans!

In this FREE workshop they will walk you through the three main paths to owning a campervan; building it yourself, working with a professional converter or buying a pre-converted van. They will outline the pros and cons of each option, where and how to get started and most importantly, how to avoid the most common mistakes.

  • Buying a pre-converted van: where to find them, the main types available in New Zealand, what to look for and what to ask the seller!
  • Converting your own van: thoughts on the budget needed, skills required and how long it could take. Plus considerations such as vehicle weight, layout, NZ regulations like WoFs/CoFs, self-containment and gas/electrical safety.
  • Commissioning a professional conversion: how to choose a converter and what to ask, what it could cost and how long it could take.


You are getting access to the video and audio recordings of this workshop as well as links to all the resources mentioned.

Feedback: “Wow, I’ve just finished watching the workshop video and honestly, I learnt more from your video than I have from months of stalking YouTube! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge, I’m looking forward to the next one even more now” – Honey, September 2020

Quirky Campers New Zealand is the new home of handmade campervans. With the recent surge in popularity of custom-built campervans, New Zealanders are coming to us as a source of inspiration and information on all things self-build so we are launching a series of virtual workshops – this being first – to give aspiring van owners the confidence to make their dream a reality.