Virtual Workshop (Recording) – 3D Van Design Using SketchUp


Leanne and Dan are the owners of Quirky Campers New Zealand. With experience in converting their own vans (Ivan and Barbara) and upgrading others, they’ve learnt a few things about planning a campervan conversion… and how to avoid later regrets! While Quirky Campers only landed in New Zealand in October 2019, it’s been going in the UK since 2010. Collectively, Quirky Campers has helped hundreds (maybe thousands!) of people through the conversion process, worked with many professional converters and seen A LOT of converted vans!

In this workshop Leanne will show you how to use the free online version of SketchUp to create your campervan layout in 3D! The aim is to accelerate the learning curve so you can easily get to grips with this powerful software and bring your design(s) to life. You don’t need any prior experience of SketchUp or any 3D modelling software for this workshop which will cover:

  • A basic intro to SketchUp – how it works and the main functions you’ll use
  • How to draw in 3D, creating the shapes to build your campervan interior
  • Using the (free) online warehouse of downloadable components
  • Top tips to save time (and tears!)

Seeing your design from all angles is a great way to test whether your ideas and plans will work – and could save you a headache later!



You are getting access to the video recording of this workshop as well the presentation slides and quick reference handout. Warning! We experienced some tech issues which affected the quality of the workshop a little… a combination of getting locked out of Zoom (and having to be a guest at our own meeting!), having to revert to an old laptop and using a mouse with a failing battery! Perfect storm. Sorry!

Quirky Campers New Zealand is the new home of handmade campervans. With the recent surge in popularity of custom-built campervans, New Zealanders are coming to us as a source of inspiration and information on all things self-build so we are launching a series of virtual workshops to give aspiring van owners the confidence to make their dream a reality.