VanLab are NZs leading Flat-Pack Campervan Conversion Kit company. We provide a range of flatpack kits, which allow you to build out your campervan for 19 of New Zealand’s most popular vans. Think Ikea-style furniture for your campervan conversion! We also provide components and kit-sets for plumbing, wiring, upholstery, self-containment and leisure batteries! All of our kit sets are designed to maximize space and usability in your van, so we offer 4 categories of kit; Small Van, People Mover, Medium Van and Large Van. Our kits are designed using 3D Scanning, 3D Computer Aided Design programs, and cut with Computer Numerical Controller (CNC) routers, so each kit is precise!

We can also install your kit in your van if you’d prefer!

Check out our website, facebook or instagram and reach out if we can help!

From Quirky Campers
Quirky Camper can verify that the work of this converter meets our standards
Contact Information
Date Established
Conversion from
$2,200 to $15,000
Detailed Information
Plumbing for fresh and waste water
Fitted tanks
Water pumps
Water heaters
Fixed toilet/shower units
Soft Furnishings
Carpet Lining
Cushion covers
Auto upholstery (seats)
Conversion Basics
Poptop roof
Additional belted seats
Heating Installation
Diesel - Air blower
Gas - Air blower
Other heating types
12v Electrics
Solar Panel
230v Electrics
Gas Installation
Gas work
LPG tank (underslung)
Gas Appliances
Designed for Hire
Gas Safety Certificate
Warrant of Electrical Fitness (WoEF)
Certified Self-Contained (CSC)
Certificate of Fitness (CoF)
Low Volume Vehicle (LVV)