KiwiCamp: A practical way to travel in NZ

KiwiCamp is the brainchild of Chris Wagner who loves travelling and travellers… but hates the negative environmental and social impact that can result. Chris has created an innovative, sustainable solution that provides travellers with their basic needs at a fair price.

There’s a great story behind the inception of KiwiCamp – with its own romantic twist – and you can read it in Chris’s own words here.

So what is KiwiCamp?

A KiwiCamp is essentially a facilities block providing a range of services that travellers need. Think secure parking, hot showers, dishwashing/cooking facilities, laundry facilities, waste recycling stations, water filling stations, secure power points, powered sites and free WiFi! Some sites also have dump stations. Many are pet-friendly too… which we love. It’s awesome!

The “pay for what you use” model means that after you purchase your KiwiCash Digital Tag – just $5.00 – and top it with some credit you’re able to “tap to operate” any of the services you want at any of the camps! This can include staying overnight or just using the services.

How do I access and use a KiwiCamp?

All KiwiCamps are accessed using KiwiCash so you…

  1. Buy a KiwiCash Digital Tag from a local retailer or from our online shop
  2. Download the KiwiCash app from Google Play or the Apple App Store or visit the website
  3. Enter your details to create a KiwiCash account (first time only)
  4. Sync your KiwiCash Digital Tag to your KiwiCash account by entering the keys unique number
  5. Top up the balance in your KiwiCash account using your credit/debit card

And boom! You are now ready to use your KiwiCash Digital Tag and enjoy a KiwiCamp facility. Tapping your digital tag will get you access to the camp via a gate.

Who can use a KiwiCamp?

The beauty of Kiwicamp is that all campers and travellers are able to use the facilities! Whether you have a self-contained vehicle (like a Quirky Camper), a non-self-contained vehicle or a tent, the facilities meet your needs.

It’s fair to say that the sites value practicality over pretty… but if that’s what you need then great! And many are closeby to some amazingly beautiful places and convenient for a range of outdoor activities.

Where can I find a KiwiCamp?

KiwiCamps are springing up all over New Zealand with the majority currently on the North Island… but the South Island will catch-up fast, we’re sure. Find out the location and availability of KiwiCamp sites here.

Check out the availability and pricing of all our handcrafted campervans for hire and get KiwiCamp’ing!