How to have the Perfect New Zealand Camper Van Holiday

by naomi fiddes-baron

The vanlife craze is sweeping the world, and it’s certainly looking set to overtake Instagram! Combine this wonderfully nomadic movement with pictures of New Zealand scenery that make you want to drop whatever you’re doing and book a flight immediately? It’s no suprise that combining the two is, in our opinion, the perfect decision!

So, you’re set to have your awesome camper van holiday in New Zealand. What is going to make your road trip totally amazing?!

Don’t Overpack!

Being inside a campervan is much like travelling in a very large suitcase on wheels. However, don’t be tempted to cram extra jumpers into every spare nook and cranny. You’re going to be in this space for some time, and you’re going to want it to feel super spacious; particularly if you end up having a snuggly wet weather day. The less you have, the less time you’ll spend sifting through things you wish you’d left behind when you’re getting ready to head out in the morning. Consider what’s really going to make your trip enjoyable, then ditch everything else! Yes, even that cocktail dress “just in case”!

Plan Some Park Ups

One of the best things about a campervan holiday in New Zealand is that you have such a huge, and we mean really huge, choice of places to park up for the night. However, to save a late night drive trying to spot somewhere good to stay after a long day’s adventuring, sometimes it’s good to plan ahead. We recommend reading our blog about some brilliant camping apps that will help you pick the perfect spot.

If you are wild camping, remember that New Zealand has some pretty strict laws governing where you can and can’t stay. All our Quirky Campers are certified self-contained but it’s a good idea for you to read up on freedom camping in New Zealand, too.

Be Flexible and Spontaneous

It can be done, but trying to cover both the North and South Islands in two weeks probably isn’t going to be super relaxing! Remember that the fantastic thing about a campervan holiday in New Zealand is that you are in charge of your views. If you don’t like the look of the first park up you find, then move on. If the weather changes, drive somewhere sunny!

Double Check Before you Hit the Road

Before you collect your Quirky Camper in New Zealand, make a note of what is included in the hire. This will help you with your pre-packing planning!

Take a look at the optional extras that you can hire when you rent a New Zealand Quirky Camper. Things like bedding and towels are great if you’re flying over from another country to pick up your camper. You might want to take advatange of camping table and chairs or an outdoor shower to make your roadtrip super comfy!

Get a Local SIM with Data

Depending on your data and roaming tarrif, it might be a good idea to buy a SIM card with local calls alongside data in New Zealand. Mobile data is pretty expensive here, and be warned that there isn’t loads of reception on the road! Therefore, plan ahead and make sure you’ve got downloaded songs on your phone, or a really strong “I spy” game!

When you’re renting a Quirky Camper in New Zealand, you don’t want to run the risk of being stuck on the road and not being able to get in touch with the owner, or even to check your park up accommodation. Local SIMs are really useful for this.

Now you know how to have the perfect campervan holiday, it’s time to search for the perfect campervan! Take a look at our campervans for hire.

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