Simon and Cécile: from chefs to nomad gourmets

After working in some renowned restaurants and graduating from cooking school, we realised there were still much more to learn about food. Above all, we wanted to learn differently.

To travel seemed like the best way to discover what gastronomy is all around the world. We built our van to make it a home, and a rolling kitchen.

Since we’ve been on the road, we are constantly creating recipes that match our new lifestyle. Our cooking is simpler, down to earth and always gourmet. We use our skills to find little twists and tricks to create unique recipes.

“We truly believe that healthy and creative food make the vanlife more thrilling and worth living!”

man and woman kidding outside a campervan

Why these recipes?

  • We chose these meals in particular because they perfectly represent our daily cooking.
  • We wanted to show that Gourmet cuisine is accessible to everyone, and easily done in a van without any pro equipment!
  • We did our best to select affordable food, findable in any grocery store.
  • Finally, and it’s what we cared about the most, all the recipes are healthy, well balanced and still original.

Campervan recipes

Barley malt pancakes

Bread in a pot

Mediterranean chickpeas salad

More than guacamole

Spanish tortilla with a twist

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