Want to rent out your campervan?

If you have been thinking about whether to rent out your campervan, you no doubt have some questions you need answering. What happens about insurance? How many bookings will I get? Just click on the link below, fill in your details and one of the team will be in touch.

The Quirky Team have always been really helpful and quick to respond. I’d be happy to recommend the experience to anyone who may be wanting to hire their van out.

Emma, owner of Dixie

We have found the whole process super easy and have loved seeing the customers feel happy at the end of their trip

Elli, owner of Rocky

The money has been undeniably great but getting great feedback from people about their experiences in my own creations is pretty lovely

Sam, owner of Ike

I really enjoy seeing the customer’s faces after a trip and the fact the van is being used

Ben, owner of Jean-Luc

How does it work?

How much can my campervan earn?

Your Estimated Annual Income:


This estimate is based on the average earnings of campervans listed with us for over 12 months. Individual circumstances may vary. To see our detailed income calculator, click here.

A cozy camper van interior with a wood-paneled ceiling, white walls, and green cabinetry. The compact kitchen features a small sink and storage above and below. A bed is raised in the rear with a scenic window view of a lake and mountains. Striped cushions and colorful decor add a homey touch.

How does renting out your campervan work?

Quirky Campers is a Campervan Hire Agency. Essentially we run the website, market your campervan, respond to customer enquiries and get you bookings.

We are here to help get your listing live on the website and will be available to answer your questions throughout the process. For this we take 21% of any bookings we generate. You decide on the prices, whether to allow pets, travel to the EU and what days you can do handovers. We will make recommendations based on our years of experience and check through all the details of your listing before we launch you.

The back of a white camper van displays red text that reads "Hire me from Quirky Campers.co.uk". The surroundings include a blurred background with trees and a wooden cabin. The van has a "Transit" badge indicating the model.

Why rent out your campervan with Quirky Campers?

At Quirky Campers you will find only the best conversions, live listings, committed owners and a single point of contact for all enquiries. That level of service means we are trusted by our customers and our occupancy levels are much higher than any other agency. Having your camper accepted by us is a stamp of approval you won’t find on other sites that accept anything.

We are all campervan owners ourselves, and if you call up, it’s us you’ll speak to. We take a larger cut than many agencies, but we will help you get listed, get you more bookings, and manage customer communications until the deposit is paid and the booking is confirmed, which means less hassle and more money for you.

Interior of a small camper van converted into a cozy living space. Wooden walls and ceiling, with a kitchenette featuring a gas stove, sink, and shelves holding jars and plants. A seating area with green and beige cushions. A raised bed with a guitar hanging nearby and a window showing a scenic view.

What we're looking for

A Quirky Camper is a difficult thing to define, but if you feel at home on this website then there’s a good chance you’ll fit right in. The best way to find out if you could rent out your campervan through Quirky Campers, is to send some snaps to campervans@quirkycampers.co.uk. but here are some hints…

Things we love:

  • Craftsmanship
  • Safe and legal vehicles inside and out
  • “One of a kind”
  • Beautiful upholstery
  • Conversions with a coherent style

Things we don’t love:

  • Slapdash and shonky work
  • Bald tyres and loose gas pipes
  • “One of a million”
  • A blanket thrown over some bare foam
A smiling couple sits at the open side door of a white camper van. The woman wears a striped sweater, jeans, and brown boots, with her arm around the man in a brown sweater and blue jeans. Both hold mugs. Behind them are camper van interior furnishings including a bed with cushions and a folded map.

From our owners...

“We have found the whole process super easy and have loved seeing the costumers feel happy at the end of their trip.” Elli, owner of Rocky 

“They money has been undeniably great but getting great feedback from people about their experiences in my own creations is pretty lovely.” Sam, owner of Ike & Quincy

“I really enjoy seeing the customers faces after a trip and the fact the van is being used. I like it being used.” Ben, owner of Jean-Luc

A cozy camper van interior with a wooden and colorful design. The space includes a small wood stove on the left, a kitchen area with teal drawers, shelves with jars, a fridge, and a bed above wooden benches with storage below. Decorative plants and colored lights add a homey touch.

What to do if you’re interested

If you think your campervan has got what it takes or would like to know more about how to rent out your campervan, get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk it through and answer any questions.

If you’re looking for advice, guidance and inspiration, we have:

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