Quirky Campers has committed to rapidly increasing the number of electric campervans available for hire from our platform. From 4 to 120 in the next 3 years.

Can campervans be 100% electric? 

Yes! We already have a small but growing collection of 100% electric vans available for hire on our Electric Campervans page. 

A diesel campervan adventure is a lower carbon option than an overseas holiday, but we dream of carbon-neutral journeys, silent engines and fresh air.

Does it work?

Yes, it really does! Things have moved on a lot in just the last couple of years to take this from an aspiration to a reality. The top concerns of anyone switching to an all-electric campervan are charging and range. We will be writing detailed posts on our blog on all these issues. Below are some basics:


There have been some much talked issues with the charging network in the UK but things are developing quickly and the real-life experience of our hiring customers has been very positive. One of the massive advantages of being in a campervan is that you have your whole home with you, so you can make dinner whilst you top up. The most used app for journey planning and finding charging points is Zap Map. If your vehicle has a rapid charger you can get back up to 80% charge in just 45 minutes.


Range varies a lot by make and model but most new electric vans have a range of over 100 miles (some have as much as 200 miles in ideal conditions). The same make and model of vehicle might have multiple range options because they have different battery packs. Batteries are described in kilowatt hours (kWh) and typically the range will be two or three times the kWh of the vehicle. For example, 50 kWh will have a range of between 100 and 150 miles. 

The range is dependent on the following:

  • Size of the batteries (in kWh)
  • Size of the vehicle
  • Weight of the vehicle
  • Outside temperature (battery output decreases when it’s cold)
  • Driving style (fast acceleration uses more power)
  • Speed (reducing your speed by 10mph can use up to 14% less energy)
  • Climate control (heating or cooling the inside of the vehicle uses up power)

Types of Electric Campervan

There are two different types of electric campervan:

  1. New Electric: New commercial vans built as 100% electric which can be converted into campervans.
  2. Retrofitted Electric: Existing vans or campervans which were built with a diesel or petrol engine. This is removed and replaced with an electric motor.

There are different issues associated with each of these types so we will use ‘New’ and ‘Retrofit’ where possible to make this clear. If you want to know more about buying new or retrofitted, scroll down…

How will Quirky Campers support the increase in electric campervans?

Electric vehicles are still significantly more expensive to buy than diesel and petrol, so Quirky Campers are supporting all-electric campervan owners by offering a massively discounted commission of just 8% for at least your first 2 years. This means electric campervan owners will earn over 16% more than their diesel equivalent.

For our hire customers, we offer a reduced service fee and of course, they will benefit from much lower fuel costs for their trips.

Our first all-electric campervan was the beautiful Eve, converted by Love Campers and owned by Lewis of Wild Drives. Eve was launched in May 2021 and proved immediately popular. Eve outperformed the diesel competition by over 50% in her first season.

Hire a campervan

We now have 4 campervans which are 100% electric. Eve and Ohmer are both new electric vehicles. Indie and Maggie are classic VW campers which have been retrofitted.

What is Retrofitted Electric?

Retrofitted Electric is where the diesel or petrol engine of an existing car, van or campervan is removed and replaced with batteries and an electric motor. Currently, the DVLA is only allowing vehicles registered prior to the year 2000 to be reregistered as electric vehicles so it’s not really an option on newer vehicles. The RAC has a great blog on the full process for any vehicle.

If you want to find companies that can retrofit your campervan with an electric drivetrain, have a look at our directory of converters and use the filter “Retrofitting Classic Campervans”.

Where can I buy an electric campervan?

However, if you are looking for something handcrafted or bespoke you will need a base vehicle and a converter. For this, we recommend contacting WeAreEV based near Bristol. They have done several conversions themselves and hire them out, so are experienced in the whole process and know the pros and cons of different vehicles.

Commission a campervan conversion in an electric base vehicle

Once you have a base vehicle and are looking for a conversion company to convert it into a campervan, we have a few businesses that we know have experience working with electric vehicles. Head over to our converter directory and filter by “New Electric Vehicles”.

There are a few key differences between converting electric vehicles vs diesel vehicles, so at the very least, you need to find someone who is capable (and keen) to learn, so you can make sure you are working in the same direction.

How can you get involved?

We’re always looking for new people to share and expand our knowledge with.

We will be expanding this knowledge base as we learn more so if you are interested in being updated, just sign up here and select “Yes” on the electric vehicle section.