Looking for the perfect van conversion?

Ever dreamt of owning your own camper van conversion but don’t have the time or the skills? Since the beginning of the Quirky Campers journey, people have been asking us to help them create their own beautifully handcrafted camper van conversions. We don’t do van conversions ourselves but we know lots of great people who do. We’ve also written a book on how to build a campervan which includes an entire chapter on when to self build and when to commission a converter. Hardback and ebook available. Click here to find out more.

Here you will find some of the best converters out there who do the most spectacular van conversions

Whether you’re looking for a converter near you to help you with part of your build or plan and deliver the entire conversion, you will be able to find the right person and business here to suit your needs. Each converter is different, with different styles and preferred ways of working so it’s best for you to research and get in touch directly to discuss your needs. Take a careful look below through their details and then contact a select few to get quotes for your project.

What does the Quirky Approved stamp mean? 

Quirky Approved guarantees a top-quality campervan and exceptional customer service from a trusted business.

  • Beautiful conversions
  • A high level of customer care
  • Fair complaints procedure 
  • Appropriate insurance
  • All gas work certified
  • Safe electrics
  • Pre-agreed final weight
  • Clear pricing, fee structure and invoicing
  • Minimum 6-month warranty
  • Follows the Quirky Campers Code of Practice
  • Guaranteed to be accepted for hire on Quirky Campers
  • All Quirky Approved businesses have read and agreed to abide by our Code of Practice for converters

If you are hoping to hire out your converted campervan through us after the conversion is finished, choosing a Quirky Campers approved converter for your van conversion will mean that we will know your van will be beautiful and will have all the t’s crossed and i’s dotted. And that’s what we like. Road-safe and beautifully created.

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Quirky Approved Converter
Quirky Approved guarantees a top-quality conversion and exceptional customer service from a trusted business.

Available! Let’s make it happen.

Vans and Recreation
For the diggers and dreamers! We are a team! Charity orientated, carbon neutral (offset donation). UK living wage approved. 1% for the planet member. Some shared meaning and fun questions to get to know us? The team voted on the answers - Favorit […]
Quirky Approved Converter
Quirky Approved guarantees a top-quality conversion and exceptional customer service from a trusted business.
£18,000 - £40,000

Next full build slot: November 2023
Smaller jobs sooner

Brown Bird and Company
About Brown Bird & Co Full Time Van Lifers  Hi - we are Laura and Jacqui of Brown Bird and Company.  We are professional campervan converters who also live full time in a campervan. We have over 6 years combined experience of living full time ti […]
Quirky Approved Converter
Quirky Approved guarantees a top-quality conversion and exceptional customer service from a trusted business.
£15,000 - £55,000

Next build slot availability July 2023

Bowland Camper Conversions
Bowland Camper Conversions started with our own van; a long wheel base VW Crafter. As lifelong outdoor enthusiasts, we wanted a place to call home on our adventures; whether that was hiking, mountain biking, paddling, snowboarding or just exploring […]
Quirky Approved Converter
Quirky Approved guarantees a top-quality conversion and exceptional customer service from a trusted business.
£24,900 - £75,000

Build slots available from April 2023

M E T H O D . V A N S - Handcrafted Campers
I'm Joe at Method Vans and we specialise in top-spec, handcrafted, off-grid/on-site campervans. We create our own VW Crafter campers for sale and we also take on custom builds. If you're ready to discuss your dream van give me a call for a free and […]
Quirky Approved Converter
Quirky Approved guarantees a top-quality conversion and exceptional customer service from a trusted business.
£18,000 - £40,000

Next full build slot – November 2023

Northern Conversions Ltd
Northern Conversions Ltd specialise in building bespoke, handcrafted campervan conversions. We've got a real passion for building campervans so every single build is given the love and attention it deserves. We also sell come of the products we use […]
Quirky Approved Converter
Quirky Approved guarantees a top-quality conversion and exceptional customer service from a trusted business.
£35,000 - £70,000

Please enquire to know current lead times.

Adrift Conversions LLP
Adrift Conversions is a small, independent and bespoke vehicle conversion company based in Bristol, set up by two old friends who enjoy the creative aspects of bespoke conversions. Like many, our passion for campervans has come from the joy of […]
Quirky Approved Converter
Quirky Approved guarantees a top-quality conversion and exceptional customer service from a trusted business.
£50,000 - £70,000

Please enquire for current wait list.

Handkrafted Campers Ltd
A review from Jeanie and John the owners of our Alfie Build.. "Why trust your campervan dream with Handkrafted Campers? The finishes are exquisite. No detail escapes their attention. Communication is superb. This is a two way process where the clie […]
Quirky Approved Converter
Quirky Approved guarantees a top-quality conversion and exceptional customer service from a trusted business.
£20,000 - £55,000

Next slot is March 2023

Right To Roam Campervans Ltd
Full or Part Conversions undertaken At Right To Roam we design and build bespoke off grid Campervans, Adventurevans and Dayvans. We work with Transporters to Transits, Caddys to Crafters. Round the world Adventure vehicles to down the beach to make […]
Quirky Approved Converter
Quirky Approved guarantees a top-quality conversion and exceptional customer service from a trusted business.
£16,000 - £40,000

Next availability – Autumn 2023

Wandering Wheels Campervans
We are Wandering Wheels Campervans, a small family-run conversion team working from our workshop in Hampshire. We love creating beautiful, bespoke van interiors, tailor-made to the personality and needs of the owner. Rustic, wood-clad interiors are […]
Quirky Approved Converter
Quirky Approved guarantees a top-quality conversion and exceptional customer service from a trusted business.
£30,000 - £55,300

February 2024

Vanlife Conversions Ltd
We are a veteran owned, family run company with multiple years experience in converting panel vans into bespoke living spaces. We create premium contemporary homes for the road and provide our clients with long term support. We pride ourselves on qu […]
Quirky Approved Converter
Quirky Approved guarantees a top-quality conversion and exceptional customer service from a trusted business.
£10,000 - £60,000

Next Available Slot June 2023

The Hills Campers
At The Hills Campers we handcraft stunning bespoke campervans from our workshop in Glasgow. Our team can create dream campervans in as little as 8 weeks. Every campervan we produce is tailored to the individual, using the finest quality materials an […]
Quirky Approved Converter
Quirky Approved guarantees a top-quality conversion and exceptional customer service from a trusted business.
£3,900 - £65,000

3 Weeks

GOAT Roadtrip
We have over 20 years of experience converting campervans and specialise in VW T5, T6, T6.1 and Caddy. Soon we will also be adding Peugeot Boxers and VW Crafters to our list! We build campervans for both rental and sale so quality and safety is para […]
Quirky Approved Converter
Quirky Approved guarantees a top-quality conversion and exceptional customer service from a trusted business.
£21,000 - £32,000

We can help source your vehicle. Availability in April.

Little Life Campers
At Little Life we specialise in one off, handmade and bespoke conversions.  We know that planning a van conversion can be both daunting and exciting, so we’re here every step of the way to help you realise the van of your dreams. We offer a complete […]
Quirky Approved Converter
Quirky Approved guarantees a top-quality conversion and exceptional customer service from a trusted business.
£53,000 - £64,100

8 weeks

Jones Sport Campers Ltd
Clive was a building contractor/joiner for over forty years and has huge amounts of experience required to convert these 'high end' campers.  Our pictures show the attention to detail on the joinery work, not very often seen. We provide quality han […]
Quirky Approved Converter
Quirky Approved guarantees a top-quality conversion and exceptional customer service from a trusted business.
£28,400 - £75,000

Enquire for availability

Mint Campers
Mint Campers is run out of Bristol by life long friends Tom & Nye. Drawing on Tom's work as a cabinet maker and Nye's background in electrics, gas engineering and renewables, the Mint Campers objective is to produce quality camper vans that are […]
Quirky Approved Converter
Quirky Approved guarantees a top-quality conversion and exceptional customer service from a trusted business.
£18,000 - £40,000

Please get in touch for our latest timings

Twin Coast Campers
Twin Coast Campers specialises in the design and build of unique campervan conversions. We start by listening to your specific requests and lifestyle needs to design you the perfect campervan. The workshop is headed up by founder and master builder […]
£40,000 - £65,000

12 weeks

eDub Services Ltd.
eDub Services Enable the Experience of Electric Classic Campers. We do this in 3 ways: through Purchase, Hire or Franchise. Some of the world's finest designs shouldn't fade into the past. Help bring classic campers back to life with future technolo […]

Varies depending on size of job

RL Metalworks
Hi I'm Roy. I am a welder and fabricator with over 20 years experience at my trade, and I love what I do. I am offering people my services to help them bring their camper van and overlander ideas and dreams to fruition. I can help you with everythin […]
£12,500 - £28,100

Next available full conversion slot – October 2023

The Camper Way - bespoke van conversions
The Camper Way Bespoke Campervan Conversions based in Weymouth, Dorset, specialising in one off hand crafted van conversions. All conversions are hand made from timber products, no laminate materials used. We cover full conversions or part conversi […]
£25,000 - £50,000

6 to 8 weeks

Van Life Creations
At Van Life Creations, we combine years of experience in the design industry with a passion for creating high quality adventure vans. Our owners, Chris and Heather, started to create campervans for themselves during lockdown as a bit of a fun projec […]
£10,000 - £100,000

Last Minute Summer Build Slot! Get in touch…

Slow Road Campers
Slow Road Campers are Al & Jen, two van lovers whose entire lives seem to have been intertwined with van adventures - way before #vanlife was a thing! From long & memorable childhood family road trips in campervans & old school motorhome […]
£12,000 - £40,000

Availability changes, drop us a line to find out more!

JamVan Conversions
We're Jess and Sam, travel enthusiasts, vanlife dreamers, and making stuff happeners! We have over 12 years of professional design experience and all the tools, techniques and layouts to get you on your way to owning your own little piece of vanlif […]
£26,000 - £65,000

Slots available from July 2023

CarpenterIngram Designs
Dan and myself are van converters, but more than that we are Vanlifers. This means that we are perfectly equipped to build you your dream camper. Our work is always bespoke, with every single element completed to your exact specifications. We’re als […]
£0 - £50,000

2023 Build slots available!

Moveable Routes
Interior designers turned campervan builders, with 15 years experience in the design industry we turned our skills to conversions. Offering builds for weekend get-aways, full family adventures and thrill seeking rambles. We’re Euan, Rachel and Fynn […]
£25,000 - £35,000

Next availability November 2023

Homesmith Campers
Homesmith Campers provides bespoke conversions designed specifically for your own personal adventure with a focus on electric, gas free, off-grid capabilities. We are a family business which evolved from many years of travelling, in particular, a y […]
£15,000 - £55,000

Next Full Build Slot: November 2023

Crozier Campers
A Victron authorised company based in Lancashire. We're a team of 5 people ranging from qualified engineers, carpenters and designers. We specialise in fully off-grid electrical systems. We build conversions for individuals, couples, families, profe […]
£18,500 - £48,400

No availability just now – Usually around 6 months

Rustic Simplicity
Rustic Simplicity are the proud builders of Frida…the van belonging to the Quirky Campers owners, David and Lindsay. We have also built many vans that have been part of the Quirky family including Hamish, the first Scottish quirky camper, Macintyre […]
£24,000 - £50,000

Typically 3-6 months

Unique campervan conversions handcrafted in Scotland Bornwildvans is a venture born out of the owners passion for the great outdoors and wild unspoiled places. Based near Glasgow our main area of work is in designing and creating handmade, comfortab […]
£0 - £47,000

Next available slot April 2024.

DB Campers
DB Campers, based in Yorkshire, is the vehicle to turn your Vanlife dream into a reality. Both Dale and Jack have over 12 years of experience as fully qualified carpenters and everything in our conversions is bespoke and handmade.  Following compl […]
£9,300 - £50,000

Next full conversion slot July 2023

Surprise View Campers
Surprise View Campers is a Sheffield based conversion company, specialising in bespoke campers, designed uniquely around each individual. Here,  nothing is premade, so whether you want your van converted for weekend get aways, full time van life, or […]
£2,000 - £40,000

3-4 weeks. Pop up’s and smaller jobs can be fitted in sooner

Vantage Customs LTD
VANtage Customs based in the countryside of Somerset just outside Frome. Our workshop is designated to building campers of all shapes and sizes. Having travelled and adventured a lot in the UK and Europe in our own campers we have real world experi […]
£25,000 - £75,000

Taking new projects from Jan 23. Builds usually take 4-6 wks

We are Scandivans, contemporary campervan convertors. We're British producers, inspired by Scandinavian design. Our team builds organic and natural feeling spaces for the road, which blend harmoniously with their surroundings. With a combined exper […]
£100 - £10,000

Get in touch to arrange your free consultation

Bspk Solar
A NEW AND UNIQUE APPROACH TO DESIGNING AND BUILDING OFF GRID SOLAR SYSTEMS After building our own campervan and wanting it to be as off grid as possible we realised what a minefield it was trying to understand, how to design and spec a solar system. […]
£0 - £32,000

Next build slot – Sept 2023. Approx 3- 4 months for a build.

Reset & Chill Campers
Reset & Chill Campers create luxury crafted campervan conversions. Something different to the standard factory made motorhomes, which can be tailored to suit the individual needs and design style of the owner. With a background in building, reno […]
£2,000 - £35,000

Taking bookings for May 2023

Roam and Slumber Campervans
Who is Roam and Slumber Campervans? My name is Sam Howard and I am a passionate / obsessive van converter. For many years I have been putting huge amounts of time and love in to making beautiful things out of wood. More recently however, I have cha […]
£6,000 - £25,000

6 months

Cosy Camper Conversions
Cosy camper conversions is a family run operation. My name is Malcolm. I have a PhD in mechanical engineering and I love making beautiful and functional things, especially out of wood. I live in Sheffield with my wife, Clare, our baby son, Adam and […]

4 to 5 weeks for full conversion

Rogue Concept Ltd
Rogue Concept Ltd is an innovative company specialising in the design and building of bespoke camper vans including classic models. We believe in doing things differently. We aim to bring style, design and a modern twist to create unprecedented luxu […]
£8,000 - £25,400

3 months

Oldboy Campers
Oldboy campers specialise in cost effective, bespoke campervans, uniquely designed and handmade for vandwellers and weekend warriors alike. One of our key goals is to make owning and enjoying a camper van more accessible to anyone that has ever drea […]
£0 - £39,000

Varies depending on job size and type.

RTR Campers & Conversions
Here at RTR we offer a wide range of conversion services. We listen and work closely with our customers to ensure their dream camper becomes a reality. We have travelled ourselves and lived for some time in our first van. This has provided us with i […]
£4,000 - £11,900

6/8 weeks

Cooper Campers
A family owned Motorhome and camper van conversion business. With 3 generations of carpenters, mechanics and designers, we pride ourselves on building bespoke vehicles created around our ethos of quality and value, built with passion. We use a range […]
£10,200 - £31,300

Currently 2 months

Vango Fitouts UK
We build custom bespoke high spec off grid campervans for a range of clientele with varying needs. We are a small family business based in the south of England, with years of cabinet making, electrical and carpentry experience we pride ourselves on […]
£12,600 - £44,900

Build slots available immediately!

Studley Campers
At Studley Campers we design and create bespoke and beautiful totally hand crafted campers to customers exact requirements. Featured on "The Jeremy Vine" show, showcasing the beautiful "Annalise" to a host of praise. We are a team of professionals […]
£1,500 - £5,000

3 months

Crafty Otter Campers Ltd
Crafty Otter Campers Ltd are a small family run company based in Honiton, East Devon. Our love of travel and the adventures it brings drives us to create quality, bespoke camper van conversions, for the love of the ocean, the mountains and anything […]
£25,000 - £60,000

Next availability May 2024

Country Road Campers Ltd
Here at Country Road Campers we combine stylish interior design with practical functionality to create beautiful, bespoke van conversions that look and feel like a true home from home. We are the proud creators of Floyd and Doris who are currently a […]
£100 - £5,000

Next Day-10 days for Standard. 8-10 weeks for Custom Built

Tek-Tanks Ltd
Tek Tanks Ltd supply a wide range of standard and custom built tanks to the automotive and marine industries as well as pumps, level indication, hose and most tank accessories. Established in 1992 Tek Tanks have 30 years experience in providing qua […]
£15,000 - £50,000

2-3 months

Nomads Campervan Creations Ltd
Hello, we’re Holly & Chris – nomads at heart and passionate about our campervan creations. We’ve been lucky enough to travel the world both in our previous military careers and just for fun. We first came up with the idea of converting vans into […]
£0 - £9,000

Services Available on a Day to Day Basis

Tiny Build Electrics Ltd
Tiny Build Electrics Ltd Campervan Electrical Specialists Hey, I’m Tom – founder of Tiny Build Electrics Ltd, advocate of renewable energy and fellow tiny build dweller (in my converted 2015 LWB Mercedes Sprinter, called Robin). Back in 2019 I made […]
£0 - £49,900

Next available full build May 23. Smaller jobs sooner!

Cladded Campers Ltd
We are Josh and Harriet from Shropshire running our family business - Cladded Campers! We’ve experienced first hand the incredible freedom van life brings and would love to help others achieve this too! We have travelled on & off in our van for […]
£20,000 - £30,000

Next build slot available is August 2022

Bobil Vans
Here at Bobil Vans we specialise in creating your very own home on wheels, designed to be so cosy you'll never want to leave your van! Our North Somerset workshop is nestled in the trees, which gives us all the inspiration we need to create beautifu […]
£500 - £50,000

Taking bookings from 1st of July 2023.

Tatanka Campers
"We first fell in love with van life after travelling around the UK". Partners in business and in life, Paulina and Hector founded Tatanka Campers to give people the chance to experience the freedom of vanlife. Living and travelling in campervans, […]
£15,000 - £40,000

3 months minimum

Jones Campervans
Three years ago I decided to escape the rat race working long hours in London. I got rid of 95% of my belongings including my house. I was left with enough to fill a small van. During the process of selling my house & belongings & after a lo […]
£25,000 - £50,000

Approx. 6-12 months – Please contact us as this does vary!

VANHAUS Conversions
Whether you’re looking for a change of lifestyle and want to live life on wheels full time, a place to call home for weekends away, or a custom catering vehicle VANHAUS Conversions strive to bring your vision to life. We pride ourselves on no compro […]
£20,000 - £50,000

Currently taking bookings for March 2022

STS Van Conversions
STS Conversions is a small and friendly Bristol based business with over 10 years experience specifically converting vehicles. We are passionate about it! We understand everyone has different needs and different dreams. We work with your vehicle and […]
£20,000 - £55,000

Build slots available:
– September 2023
– November 2023

Camper Dreamin'
We are Izzy & Laurie and we've been passionately living and breathing campervans for decades. From car camping in Australia to RV adventures in the USA, from fully off grid travelling in Scotland to road tripping across Europe, we've accumulated […]
£25,000 - £50,000

currently have availability to starts right away.

Escape Leisure vehicles Ltd.
Why us? Because here, it is always quality first. Whatever product or service you choose, it is all built on a foundation of passion, experience and customer care. Designed to perform, everything we offer is to ensure your full enjoyment comfort and […]
£6,600 - £54,900

This varies all the time so its best just to get in contact to see when we could fit you in

Alternative Campers
We are a small, all female, bespoke campervan conversion company nestled in the village of Lympstone in East Devon. Specialising in building beautifully handcrafted, quirky campervans, Zoe combines her passion for interior design & living the v […]
£600 - £30,000

2 months

Hello, I'm Harry. Here at SuperMoon Campers it's a one man operation with a simple aim-to build beautiful, bespoke, crisp hand made campervans with the most important thing at its heart-a passion for camping and getting away.  I genuinely love campi […]
£100 - £60,000

Currently taking bookings for June 2023.

CXR Conversions Ltd
CXR Conversions is a family run business that is known for an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction. It’s this standard of excellence that has provided the impetus for us to grow into the business we are today. We believe that the custome […]
£12,000 - £50,000

3 to 6 weeks

Vangosh Conversions!
We are Vangosh! We simply live vans! Travelling in vans, converting vans and coming up with interesting individual solutions for different types of campers. We have a background in off grid renewables, professional electrical work, woodwork and mec […]
£20,000 - £50,000

1 to 3 months

Gideon Woods Van Works Ltd.
At Gideon Woods Van Works, based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, we create beautiful bespoke hand built campers, striving to fulfil the desires of each client. We build in any size van, and in a variety of styles, from standard faced board with plasti […]
£15,000 - £40,200

3 months

Sherwood Campers Ltd
SHERWOOD CAMPERS LTD At Sherwood Campers we listen to your aspirations and can advise on the best materials, parts, and innovations for your VW Transporter campervan conversion. Whether you want modern sleek high gloss finishes or durable family […]
£15,900 - £65,700

Typically 3 month waiting list

SSL Conversions Ltd
Hi, I'm Liam, creator of  SSL conversions Ltd... The original Scandinavian style conversion company. I'm a van life enthusiast (before it was even called that!) that grew my passion into a business over 20 years ago in the coach built motorhome sec […]
£0 - £60,000

Can look to make a start straight away.

Eyesopen Vanlife Workshop
Daryl at Eyesopen Vanlife Workshop is a one man builder, priding himself on making high end unique campervan conversions. Daryl enjoys pushing the boundaries of what you expect to find in a campervan. Attention to detail is paramount. To find this […]
£35,000 - £60,000

Ready to start our adventure together in April 2023.

Vanpuravida Ltd
Vanpuravida is a family business who offer a bespoke service specialising in campervan conversions. In 2018 Jose and Cecile built their first van conversion after experiencing the freedom and beauty of vanlife. Jose has over 15 years as […]
£16,500 - £29,500

All our builds slots are now full. Please email to be added to our waiting list.

Live Slow Campers
Live Slow Campers is a family business owned and run by Emily and Tom Grainger, with help from our two dogs Dexter and Rudy. Having previously lived and travelled full time in our campervan Zephyr and now hitting the road for short adventures in be […]