Work with us

We are always looking for the right people to collaborate with

Whether it’s international/national or regional news outlets, YouTubers, bloggers, brands or photographers, we are open to various kinds of collaborations if it’s the right fit for us.

What we look for

  • International/national/media press both online and in print. If you are looking to feature Quirky Campers in your article please get in touch at 
  • Social media influencers: We ask for a combined following on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube of at least 200k. We are happy to consider reducing this if you think you could offer something you think we need and your audience suits ours – see Adventures for Everyone under Our Values for more info. If your audience is part of one of these groups that are under-represented in the travel blogging industry we would love to hear from you. See below for the process for how to apply to collaborate with Quirky Campers.
  • A blog/website with a DA of at least 40 – we would be happy to consider reducing this if you have a good volume of traffic and think your audience is really relevant to us.
  • Exceptional photographers/videographers. We are always in need of high quality, high res photographs so that we can use them on social media and in print (the photographer will always be credited).
  • Brands who could feature Quirky Campers in way that showcases our beautiful campervans (e.g. on a photoshoot, allowing Quirky Campers to retain the images and share on our platforms)  
  • Any of the above need to be a good fit with our values – see below

If the above sounds like you, please see below for details of how to apply to collaborate with us.

Our values

You don’t have to meet all of these criteria, but they should give you an idea of whether it’s likely to be a good fit:

  • Adventures for Everyone. We want everyone to feel at home with Quirky Campers and are therefore looking for more visual representation of groups typically under-represented in the adventure/travel blogging industry. We are particularly keen to feature people of colour, people with disabilities, plus-size individuals, solo female travelers, people from the LGBTQIA community
  • Staying Local. We favour brands that are British-owned and British made
  • Doing the Right Thing. A sustainability focus is really important to us. We value quality over quantity, sustainable or recycled materials, ethically made and sold.

The process

Please complete the form below outlining what you could offer and how you think a collaboration with Quirky Campers could work. If we think your proposal is suitable for Quirky Campers we will pitch your proposal to our owners. For those who are interested we will match you up and provide a Quirky Camper for up to 5 nights complimentary. You are welcome to go on a longer trip if the vehicle is available, however you will need to cover the remaining cost.

All of our vans are owned by individuals who have lovingly converted them for hire. All normal rental T&Cs and insurance procedures apply including having to provide the correct documentation and a security deposit. 


Quirky Campers Competitions

We run competitions throughout the year and are always looking for great brands to partner up with and offer an amazing prize to our audiences. If you are a brand and would like to collaborate with us get in touch. 

Charity prizes

Unfortunately as we are a hire agency, we cannot provide campervan rental for raffle prizes, sponsorship, etc. Please do not contact us with these requests as we will be unable to help.