Interactive panel discussions, dance workshops and live music; our main tent is bursting with entertainment. You can spend your days picking the brains of your favourite vanlifers and your evenings dancing in the moonlight.

2023 panels included:

  • Vanlife Q&A
  • ‘How To Convert A Campervan’ Book Q&A
  • Renting Out Your Campervan
  • Mental Health & Vanlife

Our 2023 music headliners included:

Sunday night comedy came from:

SPRINTER (Conversions Tent)

If you’re interested in converting a campervan or looking to upgrade parts of your existing build, you’ll find all the information you need in our Conversions Tent. Van crafting experts are invited to share their knowledge with topics ranging from choosing the perfect base vehicle all the way through to installing a woodburner.

2023 workshops included:

  • Campervan Insulation
  • Budgeting And Planning Your Build
  • Eco-Friendly Builds
  • Gas Systems + Safety
  • Conversion Tool Must Haves
  • 12V Electrics
  • Building A Camper To Hire
  • Choosing Your Base Vehicle
  • Beginners Carpentry
  • Heating Your Campervan
  • Powering Off-Grid Adventures
  • Next Level Carpentry

TRANSPORTER (Diversify Vanlife UK Tent)

The DVUK tent is the newest addition to Camp Quirky. Our DV UK Tent is a safe space for underrepresented individuals within the vanlife community to have their voices heard. Here you’ll find inspirational people sharing their stories and outdoorsy/vanlife tips.

2023 workshops included:

  • Solo Female Travel
  • Creating Diversity Within Wellness
  • Single Mum Travels
  • Vanlife With Cats
  • Creating Authentic Content On The Road
  • Vanlife Begins At 50
  • Self-Defence Classes
  • Diversity Within The Triathlon World
  • Earning On The Move
  • Introduction To Rock Climbing

IVECO (Vanlife)

Enjoy talks from your favourite vanlifers covering everything from travelling on the road with little ones to living on the road full time.

2023 workshops included:

    • Full Time Vanlife
    • Turning Adventures Into Income
    • Sub Zero Travel
    • Taking The Slow Road With Martin Dorey
    • Secret Road Recipes With Vanlife Eats
    • From Coo’s to Campervans
    • Vanlife Essentials
    • Adventures In A Compact Camper
    • Astrophotography
    • Dog Training For Humans
    • Travelling With Family
    • Climbing On The Road

MASTER (Sustainability Tent)

In the Sustainability Tent, we put together an inspiring programme exploring ways for you to live more sustainably.

Sustainability is at the very heart of Camp Quirky. That’s why our festival is 100% powered by solar and we’re carbon offsetting each journey taken by ticket holders to the event site.

2023 workshops included:

  • Beekeeping
  • Electric Campervans
  • Planet Postive Travel
  • The Power of Carbon Offsetting
  • Sustainable Campervan building
  • Sustainable Gardening
  • Sustainable Cooking
  • Living on a Narrowboat
  • Reducing Your Waste
  • Building A Tiny House

BONGO (Kids Area)

Young hearts run free! From hay bale towers to crazy golf, mask making to bushcrafts – there are plenty of fun-fuelled activities for your little explorers to get stuck into.

2023 activities included:

  • Crazy Golf
  • Circus Games
  • Hay Bales
  • Weaving
  • Clay Modeling
  • Woodwork Toys
  • Whittling
  • Make Your Own Willow Tree Crown
  • Forest School
  • Dreamcatchers & Mobiles
  • Jewellery Making
  • Story Telling
  • Book Corner


Whether you’re thinking of converting a campervan yourself or have a converter do all the hard work for you, find inspiration as you look around a wide range of styles and builds in our converter village.

2023 converters included:

  • Camper Dreamin’
  • DB Campers
  • Northern Conversions
  • Carpenter Ingram
  • Twin Coast Campers
  • Bear Hug Campers
  • Country Road Campers
  • Vanpuravida
  • Vanlife Conversions
  • Bobil Vans
  • Contour Campers


Escape the hustle and bustle & find peace and solitude within our wondrous wellness village.

2023 treatments included:

  • Sound Therapy with Tuning Forks
  • Zero Balancing
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Traditional Thai Massage
  • Reiki
  • Classical Osteopath
  • Tuina massage
  • Shiatsu
  • Swedish Deep Tissue Massage
  • Sound Immersion
  • Tai Chi


Explore our crafts village and create something wonderful to take home with you.

2023 activities included:

  • Paracord Macrame
  • Brush Making
  • Dorset Button Making
  • Repair and Wear Sewing Workshop
  • Flower Garlands
  • No-sew Festival Tu-Tu Workshop
  • Drop Spindle Workshops
  • Ring Making
  • Beeswax Food Wraps
  • Twine Making
  • Flower Wands
  • Mushroom Carving
  • Copper Workshop