Twin berth VW Caddy. Multi purpose Mini/Mega camper.

Detailed Information
Vehicle Description

This is a lovely clean and well maintained VW Caddy Maxi Camper. 2.0l TDI diesel engine, 6 speed manual gearbox. Drives like a car, very smoothly with plenty of power.

Check out the pics, this van has a double bed, sofa, coffee table and a kitchen with running water! Best of all: The conversion comes out in 5 mins leaving the van totally empty and ready for work!

The van is very economical getting between 35-55mpg. The engine has been serviced regularly, and the van has recently had a comprehensive service including: a new turbo, a new EGR valve, timing belt, 4 new tyres and a full service including oil change. The gearbox is very sturdy and smooth, brakes, transmission and electrics all work very well and the Caddy drives exactly as it should.

Outside the story is similar, the bodywork is very clean and tidy with little to report damage wise apart from a small crack on the rear bumper and a couple of small scratces on the paintwork.

The van has a good driver comfort spec including:
– Rear parking sensors
– Cruise control
– Air conditioning
– Alpine satnav/Bluetooth stereo.

The stereo has been rewired to run from the leisure battery, along with the lighting in the back. This so that you can relax and listen to music when you’re parked up, without fear that it’s flattening the starter battery. The leisure battery is charged by a split charger from the alternator when driving.

The Caddy has a large Rhino roofrack. This means that when you have the inside ready for a trip away, you can carry large loads with the van, and when it’s in work mode, its a really capable litte machine.

Conversion Description

This Caddy is designed to be as flexible as possible. It is a cozy and practical camper with a kitchen and large awning which sleeps two in comfort. The campervan utilities can be removed and stored in 5 minutes to leave a fully functional van.

The conversion consists of three main parts, bed, kitchen, and trunk, which all come out in a matter of minutes, leaving the van empty, lightweight and useful, as a Caddy should be! So it can function as your only vehicle, without having to compromise…! Amazing !!

The pictures should speak for themselves but the interior oozes style and character, and the lighting is designed for maximum ambient vibes. There are uplights in the shelves and in the beatifully detailed side pods. These provide a really nice chilled glow with a minimum of intrusion for socialising at night. There are also dimmable spot lights in the roof for task lighting. Storage is in the form of a large roofrack, ergonomic pods, cubby holes and a large trunk, as well as shelves running the length of the interior, and all the floor space under the bed/sofa.

Kitchen: The kitchen pulls out of the back of the vehicle, leaving the rest of the interior un cluttered and spacious. The kitchen features a sink/hob combo with an electric tap and a large storage compartment with a lift-up work surface.

Bed: the bed folds up to be a comfy 2 seat sofa, a 2 person chaise lange, or a large double bed. The sofa can be flipped to face either way.

Trunk: The trunk forms the support for the bed, as well as a 2 seat bench seat, it also contains the table when stowed, as well as a large storage area.

When being used as a camper, the Caddy has a few different easily confidured modes. I have tried to capture these in the pictures but basically they are:

Sleeping pod: The bed is laid flat, the trunk is supporting the bed and the kitchen is fully accessible.
Dining Pod: The bed is folded into a sofa and facing the front of the van, the table is assembled and the trunk is in seat mode, with a cushion on it.
Lounge Pod: The bed is propped up at the front providing a backrest for admiring a lovely view or watching the world go by.

In all these modes the kitchen is fully accessible. And there is a large drive-away awning supplied which fits over the back or the side door.

I could talk about each little feature of this Caddy for ages and there are loads of lovely touches, it has so much character. The best way to get an idea of how nice this Caddy really is to come and have a proper look yourself.

If you have any questions in the meantime, looking forward to hearing from you!

From Quirky Campers

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Make and Model

Volkswagen Caddy MAXI 2.0 TDI 6speed 140bhp

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Panel Van (meets DOT standards)
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Vehicle Width

Large double bed, with 100mm foam mattress cushions. It folds up into a sofa which can face either way, out of the rear of the van, or to the front, where it faces a mobile table and a double bench seat, in this configuration it can accomodate 4. The bed can also prop up into a “chaise” position, which is particularly lovely for admiring a nice view out of the back with a glass of wine!

Belted Seats
Maximum Weight (MAM or MTPLM)
Unladen Weight Verified?
YES - the vehicle has been weighed since completion
Unladen Weight
Gas sign-off supplied
12v Electrics
USB sockets
leisure battery
Split charge relay