Studio SkyHigh

Alexander Dobbs
Folkestone , England CT19, United Kingdom
£0 - £2,000

Hi, my name is Alex owner of Studio SkyHigh 🖐 A full-time aerial photographer and videographer content creator 🙂

The work that I capture and produce is focused on creating short advertisement videos for companies and individuals to showcase what they’re all about. These videos can be used on websites and across social media channels.

From my videos, I’m able to capture some stunning photography from high in the sky with full editing and colouring being applied to any work I produce.

I work in a wide range of industries offering a varied range of services, using all my skills and knowledge to make your van the one to pick.

I’ve personally hired from quirky campers a few times now and been around the UK touring. My most recent trip was to the Lake District where I was able to film the lovely campervan, Bess. Bess already had some stunning photography shots taken of the inside and scenic shots. I was able to take videos using drones to capture the van in full effect. You can check out her Instagram of Bess under besscampervan.

I’m on the dream of van life like many others and can’t wait to eventually have my own.

I’ve been fortunate to be able to travel throughout my life, it’s one of my biggest passions and I will never see that changing. I’m willing to negotiate an exchange. This means that you can decide between compensating for my services or lending me the van for a few days to travel somewhere locally and create captivating content for you.

The pricing that I’ve included is broad, that’s only because for some of my work I’ve had to travel up to the northernmost part of Scotland and overseas. Each job is different in my eyes and we can chat to find a suitable price that works for everyone.

I’m always open for a chat, don’t be afraid to get in touch with me via email and we can have a phone call.

– Alex
Studio SkyHigh

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