Book Owners Club: Hardback + Ebook Edition + Virtual Workshops + Downloadable Resources


Want the hardback, the ebook, downloadable resources and How To videos?

  • Ideal for first-time self-builders

  • Beautiful hardback book with 320 full-colour pages including diagrams, tables, photos and illustrations

  • Digital A3 poster of your campervan conversion timeline

  • Downloadable ebook for easy access on the go

  • Back catalogue of Quirky Campers Virtual Conversion workshops and how-to videos

  • Printable worksheets

  • Downloadable spreadsheets and calculators – detailed budget template, base vehicle cost comparison, rental income calculator





Ever dreamt of trading in the daily grind for a life on the open road? Well we’re here to make your dreams come true ( just call us your fairy VANmothers!)

This product provides you with access to the hardcopy book, the ebook and the following resources…

Virtual workshops and how-to videos:

  • How to Own a campervan
  • Planning Your Campervan
  • Using Sketchup for Vans
  • Fitting Windows
  • Installing Insulation
  • Cladding your Campervan
  • LPG Gas in your Van
  • 12V Electrics
  • Campervan Interior Design
  • Masterclass with Pro Converters Rustic Simplicity

Downloadable resources included in this package:

  • Printable booklet of worksheets
  • 4 detailed Budgets + Budget Template
  • Base Vehicle Cost Comparison Tool
  • Income Estimator for Hiring Out Your Campervan

Converting your own camper is the perfect way to unleash your creativity and craft something that is perfect for you; built to meet your needs, with your style and utilising all your best ideas. But designing and building a campervan can be overwhelming. When five blogs advise five different approaches, where do you turn? That’s why we’ve gone directly to the experts; bringing you gas system information from a gas engineer, vehicle advice from a mechanic and upholstery tips from a trimmer.

Whether you’re looking to become a full-time vanlifer, weekend warrior, or you are building to rent; dive in and get everything you need to kickstart your journey.

Quirky Campers is the home of handmade campervans in the UK. Founded in 2010, we have been hiring out beautiful bespoke campers ever since. Over time people have come to us as a source of inspiration and information on all things self-build and we have recently launched this series of virtual workshops to give people the know-how and confidence to do their own conversions.

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