Book Owners Club: Hardback Edition, Ebook Edition, Virtual Workshops, Downloadable Resources

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Want the hardback, the ebook, downloadable resources and How-to videos?

  • Beautiful hardback book with 320 full-colour pages including diagrams, tables, photos and illustrations
  • Downloadable ebook for easy access on the go
  • Back catalogue of Quirky Campers Virtual Conversion workshops and how-to videos
  • Printable worksheets
  • Downloadable spreadsheets and calculators – detailed budget template, base vehicle cost comparison, rental income calculator



Ever dreamt of trading in the daily grind for a life on the open road? Well we’re here to make your dreams come true ( just call us your fairy VANmothers!)

This product provides you with access to the hardcopy book, the ebook and the following resources…

Virtual workshops and how-to videos:

  • How to Own a campervan
  • Planning Your Campervan
  • Using Sketchup for Vans
  • Fitting Windows
  • Installing Insulation
  • Cladding your Campervan
  • LPG Gas in your Van
  • 12V Electrics
  • Campervan Interior Design
  • Masterclass with Pro Converters Rustic Simplicity

Downloadable resources included in this package:

  • Printable booklet of worksheets
  • 4 detailed Budgets + Budget Template
  • Base Vehicle Cost Comparison Tool
  • Income Estimator for Hiring Out Your Campervan

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