Living in a van: Adventures in Ashleigh

Zephyr & Luna – intimate weddings and adventures photographer

We decided to try out living in a van and so went on a road-trip for 2 months across UK and Ireland. So we decided to rent a campervan, because, you know, it’s cool and all. We didn’t know it would be such an adventure, and it would take lots of courage to live in such a small place for 2 months. Overall, we drove 8500km and saw mountains, seas and diverse landscapes. We laughed and we cried (a little), we were cold, and sometimes hot as well. And we talked, and we listened to silence.

Living in a van is an experience by itself

Living in a van is an experience by itself. It really is. You need to learn how to spare water, move around without disturbing the other, cook on a small wood board, deal with electricity (you can’t recharge stuff!), and fight the cold (we were in Scotland and such for the 2 coldest months of winter, I don’t know what we expected). Also, you need to be prepared to drive a *huge* van and take the smart decisions when you need to. Roads can be small, and slippery, and there might be walls very close from the tarmac. You need to think even more than when you’re driving a normal car.

But in the end, it was a fantastic experience. The Quirky Campers Campervan Hire team was awesome, and so was Craig and Christine, our van Ashleigh‘s owners. We had the amazing possibility of sleeping pretty much anywhere we decided, without driving the extra mile to go to the nearest youth hostel. We could drink a cup of tea while admiring the view. And we could cook our lunch and dinner.

Living in a van is a must-do for any couple who’d like to see if they’re supposed to be together. Ultimately, it’s like the fire test: you survive that, you’ll survive everything.

And we did.

Here’s our story in a few images, taken by me, Zephyr & Luna – intimate weddings and adventures photographer

For more information on how to rent out Ashleigh take a look at her page.

A roadtip adventure in Ireland

A Mercedes Sprinter on a sunset roadtrip in Ireland

Steaming hot drink in a Mercedes Sprinter Campervan

A man in a field in Ireland

A Mercedes Sprinter in Ireland

Nature in Ireland

A man in a campervan

A campervan on a roadtrip in Ireland at sunset

An empty road in Ireland \a sandy trail to a beach in Ireland

Living in a van let's you experience nature so up close. Hire a Quirky Camper so you can experience it for yourself

A man by a waterfall in Ireland

A man with his campervan as the sun sets

A campervan on a road in the countryside in Ireland

A snowy capped mountain in Ireland

A snowy road in Ireland

Boats in a lake in Ireland

A Mercedes Sprinter parked up in a snowy mountain valley

A snowy mountain valley in Ireland

The coastline in Ireland

A lighthouse in Ireland

A starry night in Ireland

An empty road in Ireland

Horses in Ireland by a handmade selfbuilt Mercedes Campervan

Home cooked meals inside a self built Mercedes Sprinter campervan

A man driving a campervan

Tea and honey in a campervan on a roadtrip in Ireland

A campervan in Ireland

A man with a waterfall

A man and a woman kissing whilst on a romantic campervan holiday in Ireland

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