Product Review: Netgear M2 Mobile Router

Digital nomads, netflix bingers and gamers rejoice! This little device really does pack a punch. Quirky HQ were lucky enough to receive a Nighthawk M2 Mobile Router from Netgear. We asked our Marketing Assistant Lauren, who works in a campervan full time to test it out and share with you her view…

“To give an accurate comparison, I bought an additional sim from my mobile provider and compared the two in terms of speed and download rate. I don’t tend to work in city locations, we are predominantly based in off-grid remote, so fast internet has truly been a thing of the past.

Working from a van can bring many challenges, a decent internet connection being the main one. It can massively impact where you can travel, quant remote landscapes often being off limits. I’m by no means a tech or internet whiz but when testing them against each other, there were clear differences. Not only did the netgear box provide a faster loading time when surfing the internet, it also downloaded shows considerably quicker than using my mobile hotspot. 

 The real test was installing a game on my nintendo switch, when doing so using my hotspot, I was greeted with a download time of 24-72 hours. When connecting to the netgear box, the time reduced significantly to 40-60 minutes! 

Is it as fast as super dooper speedy fibre? No, but it certainly does what it says it can. There are also a number of ways you can further enhance your set up with antennas etc. 

Whether you’re full-time vanlifer working on the go or a weekend nomad just wanting to cosy in and watch a film in the evenings, a Netgear mobile router is a must.”

Reasons why we love the the Netgear Nighthawk Router

  • It’s easy to set up and get started
  • It’s portable and can fit in your pocket
  • It gives vanlifers the opportunity to visit more remote places and stay connected 
  • It’s a cheaper solution to setting up a fancy van WiFi system 
  • It allows digital nomads to work faster and more freely

Browse the range of Netgear Mobile Routers here.

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