Renting out your campervan – Interview with a Quirky Owner

Are you interested in renting out a campervan with Quirky Campers? Quirky Campers is built on amazing campervan owners, who love sharing their own van love stories and hand-build, unique conversions with customers. One of our star owners, Rich Watson, owner of Holly’s Campers, told us a little bit about his experience being an owner with Quirky Campers.

Bee and Bumble are available to hire from Warrington, these beautiful campervans are perfect for road trips to Yorkshire or the Lake District! Get booking today to avoid disappointment.

Quirky: Thanks so much for answering some questions about being a Quirky owner!  We love having your vans on board with us. Bumble and Bee and Buzz (now an ex camper) are very popular vans on our site, and the area is such a popular spot for rental. The first thing we want to know is:

Q. Which is your favourite campervan? 

Rich : That’s like asking which is my favourite child! But probably Buzz….

Q. What’s your favourite thing about your campervan, Buzz? 

Rich : We love how the interior cladding came out. We’d built a few customer commission vans just before Buzz and they’d been whitewashed interiors. Buzz’s colourful cladding came about by just letting our imagination run wild!

Q. What’s the most popular feature in your campervan conversions?

Rich: Buzz’s huge off-grid electrical system always gets rave reviews. He has no on-board gas, instead using an induction hob and air fryer for cooking. 

Q. Are there any features you’d add to your ideal camper if you had unlimited space?

Rich: We’d love a huge roof deck, but solar panels and roof vents always win out! 

Q. We absolutely love the colourful wood interior look of your vans, what inspired you to go with those designs? 

Rich: We love using reclaimed materials as much as possible and the ‘look’ of each van just develops as we build them.

Q. What drew you to campervan life in the first place?

Rich: It’s just been a long (20 year) natural evolution from tents, to folding campers to campervans.

Q. What made you decide to rent out your campervans with Quirky Campers?

Rich: Initially we just wanted a bit of extra income from renting our van when we were not using it. With a bit of research it didn’t take long for us to realise that Quirky Campers was a great fit for us. We love the whole ethos of the company and love pretty much every van on the site! This relationship has developed significantly with us now having several rental vans with Quirky Campers and starting up our very own campervan conversion business! @HollysCampers

Q. What’s been your best experience with renting out your campervan renting to customers so far? 

Rich: We have met so many lovely customers from all over the world (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Norway to name just a few!) and we’ve made lots of new friends.

Q. How does Quirky Campers fit into your campervan-sharing journey?

Rich: Prior to ‘covid’ we tried to rent via a different platform but it just never took off. We then came across Quirky Campers and everything changed! We found a company that shared our own ideas and philosophy and we’ve not looked back since. We’re currently preparing one of our vans to go out this week on our 100th rental since being with Quirky!

Q. If you could speak to your past self when you were thinking of listing your first campervan for rental, what would you tell yourself?

Rich: Choose Quirky Campers from day 1 and just do it!

Q. Have your reasons for renting out your campervan with Quirky Campers changed with experience of bookings or do they remain the same?

Rich: We came into this with a clear business plan of renting 1 van for 1 season, then selling it on through our van conversion business (@HollysCampers) and maybe consider doing the same the year after.

That quickly evolved into 2 rental vans in the first year, as we couldn’t keep up with customer demand and somehow developed into 4 rental vans in our second year! For 2024 we’re now back to 2 rental vans and a busy year building customers vans.

Our experiences with our rental customers has actually led us to build less vans for sale and to rent more. Owning a campervan is expensive and not available to everyone, but renting one, even if it’s just for a weekend away, can be achieved by so many and we love meeting all our guests and making their trips away special.

Q. Have you checked out any of the other campervans on our Quirky Campers? Were there any that really drew your attention?

We genuinely love all of the campervans on the site! As owners of a conversion business, it’s brilliant to see just how different vans can be and how each has its own distinct personality.

Q. With your vans being so popular, do you still get a chance to get away on your own road trips?

Not as much as we’d like, but we do still get away.

Q. What are some of your favourite campervan spots or routes to travel to?

We absolutely love Cornwall, but we also love travelling to France! 

Q. What’s your dream campervan road trip, that you hope to go on in the future?

It’s just got to be Cappadocia in Turkey. A mere 5000 mile round trip which we’d love to do next year. But we’d also love to follow the Tour De France cycling race around France in July. 

We love hearing back from our owners about being a part of the Quirky Campers rental fleet – if this chat has inspired you to rent our your own van with us, visit our Rent Out Your Campervan page or Get In Touch with our onboarding team today. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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