Snap Photography Festival with Finn the Campervan

I was speaking at a photography festival in Wales at the end of April and wanted to be able to attend for the 5 days but also have my own private, personal space.
Fforest where the festival was being held is a fantastic place with gorgeous communal tents, shared cabins and a beautiful house. The SNAP photography festival is quickly becoming one of the most influential, supportive and sought after festivals for wedding photographers for across the globe. There were speakers there from the USA, Canada, France as well as industry experts from throughout the UK. It was great to be asked to speak and I knew part of the whole experience is to be there for the 5 days of the festival.

I’m a virgin when it comes to camper vans but I took the plunge. Searching the internet I found the Quirky Campers website and found a few vans that were near where I lived in Staffordshire. Looking at Finn’s specs on the website I was attracted to the fact that he didn’t need a ‘hook up’ on site as the solar panels on top provided the sort of lighting and charging (laptops etc.) I was after. The stove was another feature that really appealed to me, I did have fears of being cold at night. In the end I needn’t have worried as I didn’t have to use the stove at all – it was a fairly warm week and the wood paneled interior provided great insulation at night.

I will say that there were a lot of admiring glances that came Finn’s way – quite a few of the Staff at Fforest wanted to have a nosey around the interior and marveled at how well kitted out he was and the quality of the finish.

I’m a bit of light sleeper so I took a sleep mask to wear and this is something I’d recommend to anyone who is light sensitive at night – the curtains inside are great but I’m used to a total blackout for when dawn creeps over the hillside. But that’s just me being a towny who normally stays in hotels! I now might be a bit of a camper convert – it’s great to be able to take your home with you and pitch up where you will.

Here are a few photos of Finn’s adventure in mid-Wales. I roped a few of the attendees in to model but if you imagine me as an attractive blonde woman you’ll get the idea of what I looked like when working on my seminar sitting on the side of Finn.

Andrew Billington – May 2017

Andrew Billington Photography

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A Mercedes campervan parked at the end of the road on route to a festival

An open mercedes campervan door

Four people hanging out at their campervan with their laptop

The bed inside of a Mercedes campervan converted into a quirky camper

A woman working on her laptop sat on the step of a Mercedes campervan

A group of friends eating and drinking at a festival in Wales

The heating system inside a Mercedes campervan

MercedesVeto campervan in Wales

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