The Best Small Festivals in the UK 2024

The UK festival scene is thriving and fabulous and this summer there’s more on offer than ever for every festival goer, from the first time toddlers to the festival aficionados. To make things interesting this year, why not avoid the big names and find something totally unique and a little bit off the beaten track?

Because that’s what we specialise in here at Quirky Campers, we’re here to give you the low-down on the very best small, independent festivals going on in the UK this in the Spring and Summer 2024.

Go small and independent this summer to experience everything a festival should be and more. Small festivals are the passion projects of small teams who just want you to have the most magical experience of your life. The best thing about this list, is all these festivals are campervan friendly, no more damp morning tents, queuing for toilets, or smelling like one, check out our festival friendly line-up of campervans for absolute comfort and style for your festival dreams.

Whether you’re searching for a festival that’s all about the music, delicious food, family-friendly activities, wellness or all of the above, there’s a festival for you. So shake off those festival glad rags and deep dive into this list of small, independent and wonderfully quirky UK festivals happening in 2024.

Tunes in the Dunes

A festival like no other, right on the beach this three day festival plays out alongside the sound of the sea all weekend long. With three days of amazing live music, drinks and food, mixed in with sandy toes and salty hair. You can take in yoga classes, resilience workshops, wild swimming, surf lessons and so much more.

When – 17-19th May 2024
Where – Perranporth Beach, Cornwall
Line-Up – McFly, Craig David, Ocean Colour Scene
Ticket Prices – £130.00 (Adult/Weekend), £125.00 (Under 18/weekend), Free (Under 5s/weekend) | Campervan Pass £35.00
Local Quirky Campervans –
Doris, Agatha Panthas, Betty Blue

Houghton Festival

This festival is a celebration of electronic music set in the beautiful grounds of a historic estate. You can explore the famous sculpture garden, book in for a massage or meditation and experience al-fresco dining at the floating turntable and napkin restaurant. This will be an experience like no other.

When – 8-11th August 2024
Where – Houghton Hall, Kings Lynn, Norfolk
Line-Up – TBC
Ticket Prices – £297.50 (Adult/weekend) | Campervan Pass £93.00
Local Quirky Campervans – Peggy, Betsy, Cosmo

Nozstock – The Hidden Valley

A family-friendly and family founded festival where the party never ends. Fun, music, food and fabulous vibes, this is an eclectic festival that now boasts entertainment across eleven stages over the whole weekend.

When – 18-21st July 2024
Where – Herefordshire
Line-Up – TBC
Ticket Prices – £192.53 (Adult/Weekend) | £133.70 (Child/Teen) | Campervan Pass £85.57
Local Quirky Campervans – Pai, Dolomiti

End of the Road Festival

Prepare for a magical escape into the forest. End of the Road festival is based in an overgrown estate in Dorset, a perfect off the beaten track experience with free roaming peacocks, hidden beneath ancient trees, and adorned with art installations. Atmospheric alternative music will be the soundtrack to your weekend.

When – 29th August- 2nd September
Where – Larmer Tree Gardens, Blandford, Dorset
Line-up – TBC
Ticket Prices – £230.00 (Adult/weekend) | £130.00 (Youth 13-17) | £35-75.00 (Child) | Campervan Pass £114.00

Local Quirky Campers: Fern, Blackberry, Rafiki

Elderflower Fields – The Family Festival

Elderflower Fields is a tight-knit, award-winning festival, designed specially for families with young children. Creating a safe-space for children to discover a whole new world of experiences and opportunities in sports, music, the arts, environment and food.

When: 24th to 27th May
Where: Pippingford Park, Ashdown Forest, East Sussex
Line-Up : Mista Trick Collective, Veeble, Soul Grenades
Ticket price: £179.65 (adult/weekend) | £91.09 (child 6-16/weekend) | Campervan pass: £96.38
Local Quirky Campervans: Dennis, Meringue, Archibald, Acevantura


A small festival with big festival ibes, this Scottish hidden gem is a must for family festival goers. Set in the shadow of the Scottish mountains, its a celebration of music from all over, from the Celtic to reggae, ska and base.

When – 23rd – 26th May 2024
Where – Galloway, SW Scotland
Line-Up – A.Skillz, Banco de Gaia, Bombskare, The Breath
Ticket Prices – £153.70 (Adult/Weekend), £68.90 (Teen) | Campervan Pass £58.30

Local Quirky Campervans – Isla, Tattie, Kelpie

The Green Gathering

The Green Gathering claims to the original off-grid festival. A sustainable event that goes beyond a big party, to create a “lasting impact” with music, creativity and community. It runs on a non-profit basis and all electricity on-site is solar or wind powered – from the lights to the stages to the production cabins.

When: 1st-4th August 2024
Where?: Piercefield Park, Chepstow
Line-Up: Indian Man, Morbious Loop, The Trouble Notes, Ask My Bull
Ticket price: £200.00 (adult/weekend) | £30.00 (child 6-10/weekend) | £65 (youth 11-15/weekend) | Campervan pass: £85.00

Local Quirky Campervans: Ohmer, Cali, Vandalf, Yonder

Purbeck Valley Folk Festival

Located on the Jurassic Coast, the range of music at this festival is extraordinary with everything from small acoustic performances to rollicking klezmer bands. There are also lots of activities on offer such as poetry slams, children’s crafts and comedy sets. There’s even a beard off competition!

When: 15th-18th August
Where? Purbeck Hills, Dorset
Who’s playing: Kila, The Longest Johns, Seckou Keita
Ticket price: £155.00 (adult/weekend) | £30 (child 4-12/weekend) | £75 (youth 13-17/weekend) | Campervan pass: £40.00
Local Quirky Campers: Fern, Blackberry, Rafiki


Shambala is a space to play, reinvent, revitalise, and return to the world fuelled up on the beauty of being alive. It’s a playground for both children and adults, a realm for wild experimentation and alternative education, where unforgettable life skills are shared, learned and put to use.

When: 22nd-25th August 2024
Where? Secret Country Escape, Northamptonshire
Who’s playing: Line up to be announced. See the previous lineup here.
Ticket price: £257.00 (adult/weekend) | £67.00 (kids 5-14/weekend) | £129.00 (teen 15-17/weekend) | Campervan pass: £83.50
Local Quirky Campers: Pearl, Kimbo, Remmy, Baloo


Is your favourite band no longer? Or perhaps you’re still gutted to have missed out on tickets to see your favourite band? Glastonbudget has your back! Located not in Glastonbury but in Wymeswold, Leicestershire, Glastonbudget is Europe’s largest tribute festival. It’s also a mecca for all those who love fancy dress!

When: 23th-26th May 2024
Where: Wymeswold, Leicestershire 
Who’s playing: Fell Out Boy, Guns 2 Roses, Flash, Absolute Bowie
Ticket prices: £127.20 (adult/weekend) | £90.10 (child 6-15/weekend) | Campervan pass: £84.80
Perfect Campervan Match:
Floyd, Emily, Eddie, Ronnie

Starry Village

Where the kids roam free… the ultimate family festival. Forest school, drama, dance, fancy dress and Family Sports Day are just a few of the activities that the awesome people at Starry Village have for the little ones.

When: 25th-28th July 2024
Where? Kentchurch Estate, Herefordshire
Line-up: Stargazing, den building, forest school, giant sandpit, fancy dress disco
Ticket price: £233.45 (adult/weekend) | £60.00 (child/teen/weekend) | Campervan pass: £75.00 Local Quirky Campervans: Dolomiti, Pai, Gigi, Little Freedoms

Bearded Theory

Nestled amid the counties of West Midlands, South Derbyshire and Staffordshire Bearded Theory is a multi-award-winning creative and performing arts festival set on the beautiful grounds of Catton Hall.

When: 23rd-26th May
Where? Walton-on-Trent, Derbyshire
Who’s playing: Jane’s Addiction, Amyl and the Sniffers, Future Islands, Sleaford Mods
Ticket price: £219.95 (adult/weekend) | £58.50 (child 8-11/weekend) | £85.00 (youth 12-16/weekend) | Campervan pass: £100.00
Local Quirky Campervans: Eddie, Sirius, Sully, Belle

Outcider Festival

A festival stripped back to the classic basics, good cider, good music and no nonsense. There are no outsiders at Outcider, a festival that prides itself on being a friendly, welcoming and inclusive.

When: 1st-4th August 2024
Where? – Mendip Hills, Bristol
Line Up – TBC
Ticket price: £89 (adult/weekend – arrival from Thursday an extra £50) | Campervan pass: £35
Local Quirky Campervans – Ike
, Shuggie, Thelma

Tropical Pressure Festival

Celebrating the rich cultures of Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean on the cliffs of Cornwall! Vegetarians you’re in for a treat as the festival is 100% veggie!

When: 12th-14th July
Where? Porthtowan, Cornwall
Line-up – TBC
Ticket price: £125 (adult/weekend) | £40 (child 5-15/weekend) | £69.55 (young adult 16-18/weekend) | Campervan pass: £65
Local Quirky Campers: Doris, Imagine


Art and décor replace advertising at this wonderfully diverse independent festival in the Lake District, Cumbria. Known for its anti-corporate roots, at this family festival you can meditate, practise Yoga, participate in a shamanic ritual, and listen to some fantastic live music!

When: 22nd to 25th August
Where? Silloth, Cumbria
Who’s playing: The Wailers, Peter Hook & The Light
Ticket price: £160.49 (adult/weekend) | £24.08 (child 5-15/weekend) | £96.29 (young adult 16-18/weekend) | Campervan pass: £85.60
Local Quirky Campervans – Toots, Wensley, Bruce

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