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An Extensive Guide To A Romantic Camping Experience

The world overflows with romantic ideas. Many of them are Hollywood-inspired. But adventurous couples know there is nothing which can match a true romantic camping experience. Away from busy high streets, gadgets and daily woes, an outdoor adventure can bring partners closer.

The purpose of the romantic camping getaway

Every successful camping experience has a purpose. Even if there are no detailed plans to follow by the book, campers should always know what they are trying to achieve. For example, those who enjoy a constant change of scenery might consider renting a campervan for their outdoor romantic experience. A campervan offers different possibilities than a tent. Just imagine having a morning coffee with your partner next to Loch Lomond in the morning and having the 5’oclock tea in Port Glasgow.

A campervan can come with everything you need for the road. Some even include toilets and showers. If not, you will of course finds these amenities at a campsite. Many modern campervans also come with solar panels. They are the ultimate freedom guarantor for a romantic gateway.

There are numerous options for choosing where to camp. These include campsites, farms and remote car parks among others. But campers also have the option of seeking remote locations.

Happy campers on full stomachs

One of the most common issues new campers are afraid of comes with food. Meals seem to evade most campers and a romantic experience is no different. Having a plan for your meals is the best solution. However if you are traveling in a campervan you won’t have these problems. Cooking can be pure pleasure in these well-equipped kitchens. Adding a couple of bottles of wine will probably help as well 😉

Those returning to a camping experience already know that some foods can be prepped in advance. These foods can also be stored in convenient packages and only used at the cooking time. Canned foods can also help during longer trips.

Consider romantic locations

So if a campervan already has the basics, is there anything else left to do for a successful romantic experience? Practicality is great and it offers peace of mind for campers. But the camping location is at least as important. Quirky Campers offers option both for the UK and European camping. The romantic options are endless.

Those who want to wander off the beaten path can consider popular romantic locations. These can include the Lake District or urban locations such as Brighton. But the UK has much more to offer for those looking to escape their daily routines. The Brecon Beacons National Park is a great romantic location. Packed with quirky Welsh villages on the way, the park is one of the natural wonders of the island. Snowdonia is another great location based in Wales. With plenty of available hikes and romantic coffee shops along the way, this park is another top spot for a romantic weekend.

Scotland also offers plenty of great camping locations. With natural beauty, castles, lakes and less traveled roads, it can be perfect for romance. European locations are also recommended for longer gateways. Starting with the romance of Paris or Southern France, campervans can take couples to great locations.

Discovering historic places and natural wonders is a true experience in Europe. Tasting some delicious cheese in Denmark and enjoying fresh fish in Norway doesn’t sound too bad for those willing to go on an adventure. Campers who do not really keen on driving too much can still enjoy their own UK-based European experience in Portmeirion.

A final packing list before departure

Once the dates and the locations have been chosen, campers only have their logistics to worry about. If traveling with Quirky Campers, many of these issues simply go away. The cherry on the cake remains a good camera. All romantic getaways can be a good time to disconnect from technology and the hustle of daily lives. But some memories can be immortalised for eternity. A good mindset vanlifers can adopt is simply taking few but great pictures. So instead of capturing thousands of pictures which break hard drives, they can take a few which are tied to special places or moments.

Adequate clothing is also recommended. Campers need to have multiple clothes to consider, especially if they face changing weather. With different jackets, t-shirts, shoes, and hats, they can be ready to tackle winds, rain and sunny days. Comfortable jackets can be purchased at discounted rates using these promo codes for JD Sports.

Fans of packing lists might be looking to be reminded of specific items to carry:

  • Plenty of water and toilet paper seems a good place to start;
  • Trainers, boots, and undergarments;
  • Sunscreen, antiseptic wipes, and a first aid kit;
  • Toothbrushes, shower gel (preferably biodegradable), washing up liquid (biodegradable);
  • Lighter, candles, torch;
  • Old carrier bags to use for rubbish or recycling.


Planning the next romantic camping experience through the Cotswolds or through Cornwall might not seem so complicated after all. In the end, it is all about reconnecting with the partner and enjoying new experiences together. For most couples, this might actually more about the journey and less about the destination.  

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