Campervan travels post lockdown: Top tips from those who know

It’s official, let the campervan travels begin. It’s time to swap those worn out slippers for your hiking boots, as the road to freedom is now open! 

Campervan travel after lockdown

Whilst the easing of lockdown is welcome, we understand that travelling post lockdown may be quite daunting for some. You may be asking yourself ‘Has covid permanently impacted the way in which we travel?’ ‘Where can we go?’ and ‘What type of travel is allowed?’ With international travel still banned, many are turning to campervan travel to quench their thirst for exploration and freedom.

The Quirky team has reached out to some experienced travel pros, from full-time to part-time van lifers, who have offered their expertise on making the most of your campervan travels post lockdown. Whether you’re planning to travel solo or as a couple, we hope these tips inspire you to make the most of your adventures.

Many of the van lifers below will be appearing on our Camp Quirky panel on the 19th & 20th May to prepare you for post lockdown travels. Expect live van tours, cocktails and Quirky tunes – Sign up FREE here!

Blix and Bess

“As things open up and we are able to connect and engage again more safely, be gentle with yourself. It’s been a long year, one that has completely changed the way we live and interact. It’s okay to take it easy and let the road sync your pace. You’ll find healing on the road, but as they say “wherever you go, there you are” so you really have to prioritise your mental health and the well being of your spirit and know that to find the peace and freedom you seek is still an inside job.”

Rita and Anthony | Pathofra

“We like to go to places that we have never heard of, without any expectations and just see what we can find. We have never failed to find something fascinating this way. Keep exploring and be the shining example of how we as humans can embrace freedom whilst leaving a positive impact on the world around us.”

Angie | Angels Excursions

“Living in my van one year post covid has truly taught me to love myself without judgment. Being alone for this extended period has given me a sense of peace and connection to the world around me. Tip: If you’re going to live nomadically in a vehicle make sure to purchase a porta potti of some sort. Even though there are restrooms everywhere, having your own equipment is definitely a plus.. oh and if possible separate number one from number two and use kitty litter to cut down on smells 😊 Most of all dispose waste properly, away from waterways and in proper receptacles.”

Lauren and James | A Yorkshire Soul

“We moved into our van, earlier this year whilst still being lockdown and when we first started our campervan travels, we were naive to how many clothes we would be able to pack away. Our biggest tip before you embark on any campervan trip would be to pick your statement piece whether it be a jumper, a pair of jeans or a jumpsuit and create as may outfits as you can out of it, whether it’s changing up the jacket or throwing a t shirt underneath – you’ll be surprised how much wear you can get out of one piece of clothing!”

Brittany and Drew | Mr & Mrs Adventure

“Find out what the popular spots are and kindly avoid them. Instead, make this year all about discovering new hidden gems! And if you make a new friend, don’t be afraid to invite them over for coffee, you can still socialize and be friendly with a few feet in between.”

Izzy | Camper Dreamin

“Quiet spots can definitely be found if you venture off the beaten track. We’ve found completely empty park ups and even campsites by avoiding the big tourist destinations. We’ve also stopped using the popular app Park4Night to locate park ups as they have become overcrowded and are instead finding places as we pass them whether driving, walking or biking.”

Natasha | Tash Of All Trades

“Expect the unexpected and be more flexible. I’ve found that although I live in an area that is almost completely open, I’ll drive to a new location and find out that a lot of things are still closed, or stores can be limiting the amount of customers. I’ve started researching covid-19 maps and stats to get a general idea of if an area may be tough to find facilities. Plan more carefully during your travels.”

Craig and Aimee | Kinging It

“Living in such close proximity with your other half, sleeping together, eating together, pooping extremely close together, you’re in each other’s shoes MOST of the time. This can result in murder. But here are a few tips to ensure that won’t happen are:

  1. Give each other some space – and take your own. Go for quiet lonesome walks with some music. Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

2. Clean up after yourselves. Perhaps set tasks for each person and don’t leave one person to do it all the time (are you listening Craig!?)

3. Take it in turns to cook or even cook together. Have some wine, pop on a Mexican playlist and have fun with it.”

Sarah and James | The Whole World Or Nothing

“Right now we’re making an extra effort. An effort to not only to respect the people and places we choose to park up in, but also to try and help change perceptions through the way that we behave. Although most places are more than ready to welcome tourists back, let’s face it – living in a van has got something of an image problem. So if you see us rolling up in your local area, brace yourself for big smiles, engaging conversation and litter picking the literal sh*t out of it.”

Charlie and Josh | Wandering Home

“It’s been a long time coming, so whether you’re half way through a conversion, or this is your first adventure, don’t hesitate. Just go. Even if it’s only down the road, with an air mattress in the back it will be a perfect reminder of what all that hard work was for.”

Debbie | Wanderlust Calls

“If the pandemic has taught me anything, it’s the importance of appreciating the little things. Cherish your memories and take every chance you get to create more amazing memories with your loved ones. So, if you get the chance to travel this summer, make the most of every single moment.  If you’re not already using Pinterest to keep your wanderlust alive while at home, then you’re missing out! With all the beautiful images and videos, Pinterest is a great app for fulfilling your travel inspiration needs. It’s also a great tool for planning your trips. You can create a board for a specific destination or a trip and collate all the images, videos and travel guides in one space.”

Beth | She Is The Lost Girl

“I’ve been living in my van throughout lockdown. I’ve been travelling full-time for six and a half years and can confirm that living in a vehicle during the pandemic has been the most challenging time. If I could give one piece of advice about travelling post covid, it would be to spread positivity in as many ways as you can. Some times van lifers get a bit of a reputation, so grab a litter picker and clean up each area you visit. Get chatting to locals and change perspectives. Happy camping!”

Jaz | Rolling Home Studio

“There is so much joy in finding your own spots! Remember you’re just finding somewhere to park.  Get on google maps sat view, then check it out further on street view and save the location to a ‘saved places’ folder on google maps! It’s much more sustainable way to park up, as likely to not be as busy others have found and published on apps.”

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Many of the van lifers above will be appearing on our Camp Quirky panel on the 19th & 20th May to prepare you for post lockdown travels. Expect live van tours, cocktails and Quirky tunes.

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