Finisterre travel Scotland with Baloo

Our friends Finisterre travel Scotland with the wonderful Baloo. Able to sleep 6 and located in Derby, he was the perfect van to collect on route to Scotland from Cornwall. 

We set off in anticipation of perfect waves, empty beaches and camping spots slightly off the beaten track in our blue van named Baloo.

A blue selfbuilt campervan parked on the roadside with mountains in the background

Our journey mapped out ahead to explore the northern highlands of Scotland, cruising the coastline for a week in late September. There were 9 of us, some had tents and the others planned to sleep in Baloo.

What I didn’t expect was the vast empty beaches and perfect patches of free overlooking these to be so unpopulated. Who knew Scotland’s oceans were so clear, I could see the sand beneath the water from the van.

Waking up was easy, making tea and coffee for everyone whilst others simply packed away the double beds to make space for breakfast. We felt free.

Taking the winding roads along edges of cliff tops, lakes and lochs. Soaking up the scenery. When we spotted a perfect place to take some photos, we would brew up fresh coffee and serve it through the hatch. Joking that we were a coffee shop or on other occasions the hatch served as our bar. Handing beers to those outside whilst soaking up the sunset/environment.

A lady in a red coat and winter hat looks out the window of a blue campervan

On rainy days we’d drive to waterfalls and wait for a break in the weather to climb to the top. Luckily showers seemed to last a few minutes until the sunshine reappeared.

A blue campervan drives along a road next to a loch in Scotland with a rainbow in the background

One night during a cosy dinner in Baloo, the winds picked up. We knew bad weather was coming so we shut the windows and played some cards. Unaware of how wild the wind + rain had got, we made our beds and settled down to sleep as the others went to their tents. Tired from the long days and night, I barely noticed the door flinging dramatically open as the others left for bed.

By Poppy France

The view of the back of a blue campervan from a car with a surfboard on the roof  on an empty road in the highlands of Scotland

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