How to have the best campervan holiday

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The whole point of a campervan holiday, if you ask most people, and by most people, I mean me…. is to fully immerse yourself in the freedom to go where you please, and let’s face it, look pretty cool whilst doing so.

And the whole point of most holidays, is to switch off from the 9-5, say “yes” to new experiences, and come away with some awesome memories.

Preparing for any holiday can be a time consuming and sometimes daunting experience.  And, if camping is a new thing for you, you might be wondering what you should plan on a camper van itinerary in order to have the most epic time you possibly can.

Make Yourself at Home

Travelling in a campervan is like being in a Mary Poppins bag on wheels.  You’ll be surprised at how much you can fit in.  That said, you’ll probably find that most campervans have been designed with space allocated for specific items.  So, the first thing I would recommend is not to bring along a bulky suitcase for the holiday – it will likely only get in the way.  Take your stuff in foldable bags and unpack as soon as you can – you’ll feel more relaxed with everything it its proper place! 

Be Prepared to be Flexible

A wild camping picnic in Florence

The absolute beauty of a campervan holiday, is that you’re in complete charge of your views.  Of course, it’s important to get that perfect Instagram backdoor picture, but if you don’t like the look of the parkup you’ve initially found, then move on.  Also, just because you’ve got one location planned to visit, you don’t have to stick to it.  If it’s raining in one place, you have the luxury of being able to pack up, drive on, and pick somewhere new.  Unlike having paid for a week’s holiday in a fixed location, it’s a good idea to embrace the spontaneity of being able to hunt out the best weather!

Talk to Strangers!

The vanlife community is usually friendly, welcoming, and full of top tips and advice.  So, in order to get the most out of your campervan holiday – listen out for other people’s tips and advice on where to go and where to stay overnight.  I’ve found myself watching a rainbow sunset on a secluded Scottish beach for a mere £2 thanks to an Instagram message and a Google Maps pin.  Most people are more than happy to share their top park ups and travel tips.

Getting wild in Heidi thanks to a top tip!

Also, if you’re on a campsite or even wild camping then do chat to your neighbours.  You might be surprised at how many spontaneous campfires are lit up following a friendly “hello”!  Some of the best campervan memories I have are from conversations that turned into dinner, that turned into wine, that turned into hearing the most awesome stories from people I still keep in touch with.

I am of course not advocating in any way that you should go against very sensible advice of not engaging in communication with actual, strange strangers.

Try Something New

When you’ve got the luxury of having your accommodation on wheels, maybe now is the perfect time to try out wild camping and getting off grid.  Loads of the camper vans on the Quirky fleet have toilets and showers so if this is your first foray into “going wild”, you don’t have to go the whole hog the first time you try it.  Solar panels will keep your gadgets, and the van facilities charged up, and you’ll be amazed at the views you can wake up to that are a little off the beaten track.

Wild camping in Fiver

Your camper van holiday might be more epic, if you’re prepared to change your plans.  You might have the most impressive itinerary planned out with a detailed route and stop offs.  But, if you suddenly discover there’s a music festival an hour away from you, or someone suggests a new location that’s off plan, it’s often a good idea to say “yes!”, and throw away the spreadsheet! 

Match the Camper Van to your Needs

One way to make sure that you have an epic camper van holiday, is to make sure you get the most epic van that suits you. 

If you’re heading off in the depths of winter, maybe you want a wood burner to stay cosy and create the perfect Instagram photo!  If you know you’re travelling to a location with narrow, winding roads, then you might want to consider a smaller camper van to make the journey potentially less stressful.

Check out our woodburner collection!

A lot of camper vans also offer additional extras for hire such as BBQs, Wi-Fi units, picnic hampers and breakfast baskets.  If you want to make your time away as relaxing as possible, it’s a good idea to check these out as they could be the perfect options to make your camper van holiday totally awesome!  Personally, I like the bedding option, because then I don’t have to worry about sticking a wash on as soon as I get back home!

So, to sum up, the best ways to have an epic camper van holiday are:

Not to be too rigid – keep your options open, gather advice from fellow camper-vanners, embrace the freedom that these awesome camper vans offer you, and take advantage of all the added extras that will make your holiday as relaxing as possible.  And, possibly, consider switching your phone off to have a complete digital detox!

Chilled out perfection in Indie

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