UK LGBTQI+ Travel Destinations

Here at Quirky Campers, we are proud to support and spotlight all vanlifers, no matter who you are or who you choose to love.

Although the UK on a whole is accepting of LGBTQI+, some places go that extra mile to welcome those who identify as part of the community.

With the help of our wonderful DVUK members, we have put together a list of top UK LGBTQI+ destinations, all of which can be explored in a campervan. From cities to beaches, each spot has its own unique spark. 


First up is bustling Brighton, considered to be the LGBTQI+ capital of the UK. Brighton Pride is said to be the largest pride event in the whole of the UK and tends to take place around July-August time. There’s nothing quite like Brighton in the sun. Brought to life by cafes, nightclubs, shops and bars – there’s something for everyone round every corner. There’s a great campervan community and a few places to park right in the centre. 


Bristol has a vibrant LGBTQI+ and campervan community. It’s a place where you can be your true self and be celebrated!

Steff & Ells (We Are Wandering Travel), owners of Quirky Campers Rhapsody & Freddie who live close to Bristol say:

‘Bristol is vibrant and diverse in many ways. Not only is it home to activists fighting for human rights it is also super welcoming to everyone from all walks of life, including the LGBTQ+ community. There is a big Bristol Drag Scene that showcases the diversity and uniqueness of the LGBTQ+ Community here. It is creative, funny and empowering. Bristol has a big sense of community and you’ll find different pockets of Queerness all over the city.’


Referred to by some as the Paris of the north, Blackpool is not like any city in the UK. With a long stretch of sandy beach, a strip animated by arcades and amusements, and home to one of the longest running theme parks in England. Spend your days relaxing on the beach and your evening catching a UK famous cabaret show in the evening. Blackpool really does have it all! 

Hebden Bridge

If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of City life and are seeking a more peaceful destination, there’s no better place than Hebden Bridge. Recognised as the lesbian capital of the UK, Hebden Bridge is filled with creative people and a beautiful place where everyone is encouraged to be themselves. 


Home of the first Scottish pride event in 1995, Edinburgh is described as a warm and welcoming city. Steeped in history and impressive architecture, every part of this city is ‘instagramable’. From bustling bars to cosy cafes, there’s plenty of places to hangout. Pride Edinburgh takes place every year around June & July. Fringe Festival, the world’s largest art festival, also takes place in Edinburgh every summer. 


Next up Cardiff, a hub for socialising and radical activism. There’s a number of vibrant LGBTQI+ communities and welcoming societies. Get ready to fall in love with its infectious charm and lively nightlife. If you’d prefer to head somewhere off the beaten path, there’s no better place than Cardiff’s breathtaking countryside. From castles to cattle, there’s plenty to see and explore.  


A small resort town on the west coast of Scotland, famous for its whisky and seafood. Oban held its first pride event in 2019 and this year it will be hosting its third. This year Scotland’s first ever LGBT women’s event will also take place in this quaint Scottish town. 

Recommended by Amy (wee_amy_life), here’s what she had to they:

“Oban is LGBTQ+ friendly! People can celebrate openly and safely in this small Scottish Coastal town. This year Oban will host a pride event and also a Lesbian Weekend where there is lots of activities and local bars, comedy shows and small businesses are participating in. There are so many beautiful park ups to find for van lifers and the locals are welcoming and lovely. As a solo lesbian mum I feel safe here and I love to come here for camping or in my van in the summer time!’

Portreath, Cornwall 

(Photo credit:

Sunbathers, surfers and sandcastle builders – this one if for you! Portreath is a stunning village on the North Coast of Cornwall. A long stretch of sandy beach backs onto a quaint town with shops, pubs and cafes.  

Silverhill Woodhill Retreats, Nottinghamshire 

We’re rounding off our list with a specific campsite spot located in Nottinghamshire. 

Recommended by Deniz & Lorna (bully_and_basil), here’s what they have to say:

“Silverhill Retreats is a fantastic LGBTQI+ campsite that is run by a lovely lesbian couple. We found the campsite to be the most welcoming we’ve been to as friends of the LGBTQI+ community. The facilities are gender neutral and the whole place felt incredibly welcoming. The site is located opposite Silverhill Woods and there is an opportunity to walk for hours amongst the Nottinghamshire countryside and trails.”

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