Campervan Misconceptions Debunked

So you may have found yourself asking the question…What is it really like to hire a handmade campervan? 

Today we dispel the biggest misconceptions that people have about campervans.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Misconception #1: Don’t I have to plan where I stay?

You can! But if you prefer to follow your nose, there are lots of ways to find somewhere to sleep for the night. These include Brit Stops and Park4Night, where you can stay for free by a pub or farm shop, wild camping spots and of course the coolest of campsites.

One of the best parts about hitting the road in a campervan is that you can be parked up by the sea one night and nestled into the countryside the next without the faff of having to book somewhere new or pack down a tent. Some of the best adventures to embark on are those unplanned, which is one of the main reasons people fall in love with vanlife.

Check out our blog on 5 ways to find the best campervan spots. 

Misconception #2: You can’t trust the price you’re given, loads of add-ons get slapped on later

There is nothing worst than committing to a trip or holiday in your head and then getting through to checkout and seeing it double in price. This is the way some hire companies work but with Quirky Campers transparency is key and the price you get is always inclusive of booking fees, insurance and breakdown. You will see all these costs broken down for you before you clicking the book now button. The only extra costs are optional extras like bedding, fire pits and extra tents.

Misconception #3: I don’t like camping, so I won’t like a campervan

Travelling in a campervan gives you all the freedom of camping with the luxuriousness of a B&B. It’s much more than glamping, consider it your rolling home. A place where you can choose what type of view you’d like to wake up to whether that be beach, mountain or both. All of our campervans have cooking facilities and a comfy place to rest your head, most have bathrooms or outdoor showers and some even have impressive gadgets like projectors and built-in speakers like Floyd and Emilia.

Campervans are designed to maximise space with things such as pull out tables, overlapping bunks and flip up work surfaces. If you’re seeking luxury, check out this collection.

Misconception #4: Driving a campervan is a difficult task

Similar to parking, you’ll get used to the differences quickly. Sticking carefully to the best practice for driving a car will see you comfortably through any changes. That means:

  • Remembering good use of all mirrors and signals 
  • Getting into the right lane with plenty of time spare 
  • Awareness of the size of your campervan and how that can impact turns
  • Awareness of low bridges and other height barriers
  • The potential difference in speed limit (depending on your size)

But don’t forget that you’re on holiday. There isn’t a rush! You’ll often be out in nature, not driving around busy urban environments. Any differences in driving won’t be as big as they first seem. For more driving tips, check out our blog campervan driving tips for beginners.

If you are nervous about driving a large campervan, then you could start off with one of our smaller campervans from this collection.

Misconception #5: Cooking in a campervan is too much effort 

Cooking in a campervan is like having your own restaurant on wheels. You can pull up by the beach and enjoy a sea view from the comfort of your very own space. 

Some people are under the impression that coming in a campervan limits you in terms of what you can cook but in reality, it broadens your culinary horizons. All of our campers have fixed hobs and most come fully equipped with fridges, ovens and grills, so anything you can cook at home, you can cook in a campervan. If you don’t fancy cooking from scratch or would like an easy meal time with kids, simply bung in an oven pizza – viola!

Willow has an impressive pull-out kitchen so you can choose to cook inside or out. 

Vanlife Eats has some delicious recipes on their website created by full-time vanlifers.

Ready to hit the road? Take a look at our collection of bespoke handcrafted campervans available to hire.

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