The best campervans for family holidays

Remember those wonder-filled childhood family holidays when the sun always shone (OK maybe not all the time) and there was endless space to run around and explore? Of course you want your own kids to grow up with the same special memories and there’s no better way to make them than in a Quirky Campers campervan. The van is as much of an adventure as the places you go to! Here are five campervans that are sure to be firm family favourites…

Sir James or his brother Percy

Sir James a handmade campervan available to rent on a beach as the sunsets

Built by a family for families, both Sir James and his brother Percy have an ingenious interior with belted seats for four which convert conveniently into an adult-sized double bed and two single bunks, the top one roomy enough for an older child. And speaking of conveniences, Sir James has a built-in toilet, so you’ll never need to traipse to the campsite loos at 3am, and a hot shower, as well as a kitchenette and spacious dining area.


The inside of a handmade campervan available to rent from Quirky Campers

Brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, there’s room for everyone in Luna, who has two huge bunk beds (you can just see a bit of the top one in this photo – it slides up and down for day and night). There’s a stove to keep everyone warm, and the kitchen includes an oven so you can cook pizza as often as the kids demand it! And, because the seating is separate to the beds, you don’t have to go to sleep when they do. Now that sounds like my kind of holiday.


Bunk beds for the kids in Agnes

Campervans with room for three or four kids are hard to find, but Agnes packs in three bunks (with safety rail) plus room for another little one on the front seats. Agnes has such a pretty interior, like a cottage or old-fashioned railway carriage, but she’s also really practical with a kitchenette and optional portaloo. Again, the seats are separate to the children’s beds so you can read your favourite book after they’re in bed.


The campervan Mo can house a family of five

Bright and airy Mo can accommodate a family of 5. She is the perfect marriage of functionality and style, featuring all mod cons including solar power, toilet and all-year-round insulation. A super king size lower bunk and a removable upper bunk can be used for both adults or children.

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